6 Top Tips for Abs This Summer!

Abdominals, abs, ripped abs, shredded abs, washboard stomach and the likes of are all familiar sites from the front of muscle and fitness magazines this time of the year! It is on everybody’s agenda, to get a nice flat 6 pack for the summer. In previous content I have baffled on and on about why nutrition is so important and how it will dictate if you get lean or not. Surely, by now you get that point so I wanted to move on! Here is my 6 step guide to eye popping abs this summer!

Hanging leg raises –

This has got to be one of the best exercises for developing your abs! Hanging from a chin up bar, rise your legs straight out in front of you, and when you fail start doing knee raises. The only difference is you bend your legs when you bring them up towards your chest. These exercises help achieve a great contraction through your abs! One of the most commonly neglected areas of the physique is the lower abdominal region, because people tend to perform crunches and not much else! This exercise should be your number 1 on ab day!

Lying leg raises –

Working on a similar principle, lie on your back and bring your legs up towards your chest keep them straight. After you begin to fail, just bring one up at a time and reach for your toes with your hand from the opposite side of your body! This also enables you to get a great full muscle contraction in your abs. However, the added benefit here is that you won’t fail due to your grip failing, as you may well do on hanging leg raises.

Weighted Crunches –

Crunches are great, but use a weight to keep your repetition range between 10-15 per set! So many athletes will do 100s of sit ups, yet there is little point in this! The reason being that your abs are just another muscle group and are best stimulated through the same means as most other muscle groups! Using a dumbbell to weigh yourself down really helps build up your abdominals!

Don’t Over Train –

As the abdominal training frenzy kicks in for the summer, people will spend hours a week training their abs! Why oh why? Your abdominals are part of the core therefore they get an intense workout nearly every time you lift a weight because they constantly tense and contract! Some of the best athletes in the UK with CRAZY abs won’t even spend ONE hour a month training their abs! Workouts on your abs should be short and sweet! Take no longer than 15 minutes once a week to isolate your abdominals, or push it to twice a week if they are really lacking!

H.I.I.T the cardio!

Cardio is an absolutely essential part of getting ripped abdominals because you have to remove the layers of fat from around your mid section. Therefore make sure you are doing your low impact cardio before breakfast everyday. You should also do H.I.I.T cardio once or twice a week for 10 minutes a time just shock the body and stimulate more fat loss! Keeping the body guessing will help shed body fat quicker!

Stay Hydrated!

I know I promised at the start not to bore you with the importance with nutrition just this once, but here I am again! Water isn’t really nutrition, although indirectly you could say it is! Water retention can be a killer during your quest to getting ripped. By ensuring your water intake is between 4-6 litres a day you will be removing sodium from underneath the skin, which is one of the main causes of water retention.

There are my 6 top tips for getting ripped this summer! Combined with a solid nutrition plan this tips will ensure you get into the condition you desire!

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