5 Ways to Train Faster!

Training intense is very important, but the best saying I ever heard for training was ‘to get in and get out’! Training is simply a ‘tool’ you use to stimulate the muscles and prime them for growth, with a good diet and supplementation plan! You may find your partner, friends or family complain that you are always in the gym! I know mine have in the past, and I guess it is hard for them to understand. So here are my top 5 tips for you cut down the minutes you spend in the gym each session, without sacrificing gains!

Be decisive!

In the morning you should know what you are training that day, and you should also decide what it is you are going to do in order to hit that muscle group! If it is chest day, say to yourself ‘OK, tonight I am going to do incline smith machine press, decline dumbbell press and cross-overs!’ This is such a simple thing to do, yet it will probably shave anywhere between 5-10 minutes off your time in the gym because you are not ‘faffing’ about deciding what to do! By deciding hours before what you’re training, your focus will also improve and you will be excited about training! Psyching myself hours before a workout by running it through my mind over and over really has helped me gain, because you visualise it and you begin to crave it!

Wear Headphones!

Socialising is something I love to do; I love to spend time with my mates having a good chat and some good banter. However, there is a time and a place for this! Between sets is not what I would describe as ‘the place’! However, it can be very difficult to simply ignore people you know because you will soon look like a moody git. Therefore I suggest wearing headphones at all times, this will limit the amount of conversation people try and strike up with you! By all means, after the session is over and you’re drinking your post-workout shake, say ‘hello’! Reviewing the latest transfer of an overpaid footballer or the latest plot on Eastenders can wait for the weekend! Get in the gym, train with intensity, and get out! Wearing headphones will help shave at least 5 minutes off your workout as long as you stick to your guns!

Supersets and Dropsets!

Two of the most basic training principles are supersets and dropsets! One simply means to train two exercises back to back, whilst the other means to drop the weight when you reach failure and go again immediately! Both help achieve total muscle fatigue in a much shorter space of time than normal straight sets! These can really be useful to shave lots of time off your time spent in the gym.

Train Off-peak hours!

If you really struggle to get a session done without waiting for machines because it is so busy, try going during off-peak hours. Usually, the gym is wall to wall between the hours of 5:30 and 8:00pm. Whilst I would say this is the best time to train in the day, if you don’t have much time on a particular day try early morning training!

Change your training split!

It is often the case that you will have group of lads training chest and biceps on a Monday night. Therefore I recommend starting the week with back or legs. Not only will this boost your metabolism for the rest of the week, it will also save you a lot of time. Training chest on a Monday night could equate to a LONG session!

There you have 5 very simple steps to save yourself some time in the gym. Remember, there isn’t a set amount of minutes which optimises your growth; it is when your muscles are totally fatigued! Start using some these tips if your time in the gym is putting a strain on other areas of your life! This way you won’t be inclined to skip workouts or even worse give up!

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