5 Ways For a Man to Stay Healthy!

Now we are in ‘information age’ where everybody leads extremely fast paced lifestyles, it is vital that we keep on top of our health! By doing this you will help minimise the chances of illnesses developing and you will also maximise your ability to function on a daily basis. With the ever increasing rates of prostate cancer among men, it has never been more important to take all the steps you can as a man to remain healthy! Here are my top 5 tips to enhance your overall function and bolster your health!

Go Green!

There are several TV commercials which will tell you how important ‘greens’ are but they don’t often explain why. With ‘loose’ suggestions like this people tend to ignore the advice because there never seems to be substance behind the information given! Now I am telling you WHY you need greens, and more specifically broccoli! Broccoli is enriched with antioxidants which help cleanse the blood of ‘free radicals’ which can stimulate the development of harmful illnesses, AND hold back your progress in the gym! Broccoli also contains a chemical known as Sulforaphane which has been shown in numerous studies to combat the development of cancer! By now, broccoli is a premium source of fibrous carbohydrates, but it can also really help optimise your overall health! Get broccoli on the side of your plate now and aim to eat approximately 200g a day!


The famous fruit often mistaken for a vegetable, is another food which is labelled as ‘healthy’ in many marketing campaigns, but HOW are they healthy and relevant to you? Tomatoes are extremely rich in the antioxidant called lycopene which is fantastic for supporting the health of your prostate gland! Therefore it can potentially decrease the chances of prostate cancer developing in men! The added benefit of tomatoes is that they taste good with just about anything, and they take very little time to cook. From now on make a conscious effort to throw a sliced tomato in the pan or on the grill with your meals! Cooking tomatoes actually enhances the rate at which the nutritional content can be absorbed, so don’t hold back! The combination of tomatoes and broccoli on a daily basis provides a man with a ‘power house’ of health enhancing nutrients.


Elevated blood pressure can potentially be lethal and due to the fluctuations you can experience, it isn’t always possible to keep a track on it! Therefore it is a good idea to eat foods rich in potassium to help lower your blood pressure. Fruits like banana and watermelon are both fantastic sources of this vital mineral! High blood pressure can be common in men, especially as they reach their 40s; therefore by keeping potassium rich foods in your diet you can be sure you are not starving the body of potassium!


Go Goji!

In previous content you will have heard me singing the praises of Goji berries, perhaps too much! However, when they provide over 25,000 ‘free radical’ neutralising antioxidants per 30g serving, you can see my point! More than this, Goji berries contain a polysaccharide which can stimulate the secretion of growth hormone. Growth hormone plays a huge role in your overall health and recovery, as well as the process of fat metabolisation! As men age their growth hormone levels decrease drastically, which is partly the reason you physically age! By eating a food which naturally stimulates your growth hormone levels your overall healthy should improve!

Choose Udo’s!

Udo’s Oil is regarded as the premium oil in the fitness and health industry, delivering a unique and comprehensive blend of quality natural fats. It a lot of women’s health publications it is often stressed that they require Omega 3 fats to support their hormonal balance. However, men do also need Omega 3 fats just as much because they can help offset the development of cardiac disease! With the increased stress load of modern day living, you should always put the health of your heart way up on the priority list, no matter how busy you are!

Keeping healthy and optimising the function of your body is so important for any man, let alone a guy who is participating in sport and training on a regular basis! In order to expect your body to continue with the stresses of everyday life and training you must give it the correct nutrients! Follow these 5 steps, whatever your age, in order to hopefully prolong the overall health of your body!

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