5 Must Have Fruits!

Summertime can have an effect on our appetites and the foods which we crave. In the colder months of the year, we normally crave warm calorific dense foods! During the warmer months of the calendar people normally begin to crave refreshing foods like fruit! Fruit can be the enemy, but it can also be a helping friend if you know when to eat it! For all the health and fitness advisors out there who don’t advocate fruit, here is my take and why I think the following 5 fruits should remain in your diet this summer!


Naturally I was going to start with pineapple because it is my favourite fruit! However I am not allowing my biased opinions to get in the way here! Pineapple is a very valuable fruit for a lot of athletes during breakfast time because not only does it have natural sugars to help rise your blood sugar levels, it also contains a very effective digestive enzyme known as Bromelaine! It is vital when you eat a big hearty breakfast that you provide your body with enough digestive enzymes to promote efficient digestion!


Like Pineapple, Kiwi fruits are rich in natural sugar carbohydrates which can be beneficial in the morning and right after training. However, the reason I chose Kiwi fruit in particular was because of its mammoth vitamin C stores! Oranges are often dubbed as the vitamin C fruit, although Kiwi fruits contain TWICE as much! Vitamin C plays a huge role in overall health and immune function, and as somebody who is very active your immune function can suffer! Therefore, a Kiwi fruit right after your workout is something I would highly recommend!


Antioxidants are very important to athletes because they help neutralise free radicals in our blood, which have the potential to attack our cells and cause some serious damage! Blueberries are bursting with very effective antioxidants, which I believe every human should get plenty of, but especially athletes who have a slightly more vulnerable immune system!


How often do you see a pro athlete chomping on a banana like a possessed chimp? All the time! Bananas are fantastic because they provide a solid source of energy and they are also enriched with potassium, a vital mineral to any athlete! Potassium can help improve your overall cardiac health and support healthy blood pressure! Bananas also taste great in a brown bagel or brown toasted sandwich making them the perfect snack!

Water Melon

This is another one of my favourite fruits simply because it tastes so good and is very quenching! However, the reason it has made my top is due to an amino acid it contains! Citruline Malate is an amino acid which is known to stimulate enhanced levels of muscle capacity, meaning your strength and muscle endurance could potentially increase! Therefore having a healthy serving of Water Melon before a workout, perhaps in a smoothie could lead you up the stair way to new gains!!

There are my top 5 fruits for everybody, and in particular athletes! There is no reason in my opinion why you cannot eat these on a fat loss diet as long as you eat the right quantities at the right time of the day! Keep sugary fruits for breakfast time and your post-workout meal and you should be fine!!


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