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Helping people starting out, like I did 5 years ago is something I am very passionate about! It gives me a real buzz seeing somebody achieve their goals through hard work, commitment and dedication! I’m bless to be in a position where a lot of people will come and ask for advice, however I am afraid I don’t always have the time to offer the level of advice I would like to. Therefore I have put together the 5 most frequently asked questions which I am going to answer for you guys, so grab a coffee (mines with skimmed milk and a sweetener or two)and take a seat!

‘’what diet should I follow, I want to gain muscle?’’

This is probably something I asked the guy (Kris Gethin) who got me into all of this at 16 about a hundred times, the dude was probably sick and tired of seeing ‘Adam Gethin’ in his inbox at the end of week 1! Funnily enough, I am in the position where I get a lot of emails asking this very question and I want to help you all out so here goes! In regards to what ‘’diet’’ I would always advocate 40% high quality protein, 40% high quality LOW G.I carbohydrates and 20% healthy fats. In terms of amounts, you need 1.5g of protein per pound of body weight, 1.5-2g of carbohydrates per pound of body weight and about 0.75g of fats per pound of body weight! Aim for clean cut proteins, so avoid deli meats, burgers, kebabs, sausages. This may sound obvious but you would be surprised what some people perceive as ‘good quality!’ This diet will certainly get you on the right track to gaining muscle. Everyone is different, so there is no one ‘cookie cutter’ however I do believe this will work for 95% of people.

‘’can I gain muscle and get ripped at the same time?’’

YES! When I first began training I always split the year into two phases. Getting ripped and getting big! In the last year or two I have learnt that you can do either together, or at least this is my opinion! Sure, I am not talking about getting into show condition like a bodybuilder, but for average Joe who wants a lean muscle toned physique this can be done at the same time! The trick is to follow a similar kind of diet as above, and keep the junk food to maybe 1-2 meals a week maximum as a treat! Cardio is also essential if you want to do both together. You will find as you get leaner, you look bigger anyway, giving that added illusion of size!

‘’do you count calories?’’

NO I don’t, and at the risk of really setting the cat amongst the pigeons I don’t believe in calorie counting! Before I explain why, I want to stress this is my personal opinion only! If somebody requires 2,000 calories a day to sustain their current physical state, it is deemed normal to shoot for about 1,600 calories a day to lose weight. This is called creating a ‘calorie deficit’ and on the cover it makes sense. However, the reason I don’t like calorie counting is because people often misinterpret things too much! My argument is, if you ate 2,500 calories a day which is 500 OVER your BMR, from lean protein, fibrous carbohydrates, low G.I carbohydrates IN THE DAY, and some healthy fats would you lose body fat? In my opinion YES! If you ate 1,500 calories a day of crap you may lose weight but you wouldn’t lose body fat, you would gain body fat in my opinion! If someone ate 3,000 calories of broccoli a day would they gain weight? NO, they would probably lose weight because of the nutritional content of the particular food. Never have I counted calories and never have I counted calories with people who I help. All I know is that they all get results and I also know they eat more than their ‘’official BMR’’ in some instances.

‘’which supplements should I start with, I have about £100 a month to spend?’’

Supplements are every beginners favourite topic because they haven’t ever experienced the ‘’magic’’ of some of these formulas yet! My advice is to understand supplements HELP a lot with your progress, as long as your diet is good. If it is, then I would recommend a high quality protein blend like Gaspari Myofusion, CNP Pro-Peptide or PhD 6Hr Blend, a high quality creatine like MST Cre-O2 and BCAAs. If you can stretch to it, I would recommend getting some L-Glutamine in there as well! These supplements are the ‘bread and butter’ supplements in my opinion!

‘’what shall I do to get a big chest?’’

Very often people will say to me they want to add size to their chest and arms, and I am left wondering why not the rest of your body? Don’t ever focus on building one muscle group more than the rest; this can lead to serious health issues if you have an imbalance in muscle group strength. Ever seen ‘’big’’ guys with rounded shoulders? This is why! Instead aim to build a total athletic physique with balance. In time, you will realise this is the best way and all of the muscle groups will develop that much quicker if you keep everything in balance!

There are 5 of the most common questions I am asked on a daily basis. I would encourage you to join our FitForum to learn more and also keep reading content right here on FitMag. If I haven’t covered what you were looking for hit me up at [email protected] !!

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