4 Ways to Build a Diet!

The art of putting a diet together is more difficult than you may think! Knowing what foods to eat and when is easy enough because you have FitMag, it is sticking to your diet which is the hard part! No, this isn’t a lecture so don’t worry! Yes I am motivated, yes I believe in motivating others BUT I am also a realist! Therefore I don’t see the point of telling somebody to ‘just eat’ something they don’t like! They may stick it out for 12 weeks and then what? Go back on a binge and end up worse off than when they first started? That’s the equivalent of showing someone how to earn £10,000 a week for 12 weeks and telling them to live to those means, and then at the end of the 12 weeks they are unable to maintain that level of work anymore. They will have on their hands something they no longer have the energy or means to maintain! This isn’t what FitMag is about; we want to encourage a healthy lifestyle change to you, on a permanent basis! Therefore I am going to give you 4 ‘insider’ tips on how to make a diet work for you in terms of making sure it has the ‘stickability’ factor!

Write down your current diet!

This may read, nothing, ham sandwich, nothing, salad, Snickers, can of coke, Doritos, Lasagne and ice cream. It really doesn’t matter, but if this is what you eat on a day to day basis this tells you an awful lot about yourself! It tells you what you enjoy, what you find ‘easy’ to prepare to fit in with your lifestyle, how often you like to eat and how much you spend on food! These are all essential things to consider before writing out your new and improved healthy diet! For example, if you eat 2 white ham sandwiches at 11AM, there is no more hardship to swap this for 2 chicken salad brown sandwiches in terms of cost or time of preparation! If I was to say eat steak and baked potato, some would, but most would say ‘I can’t afford that’ or ‘I don’t have the time’ or ‘that’s not my thing that time of the day!’ Guess what, that is totally fine because in order for new eating habits to become reality on a permanent basis you have to be able to live with them! So write down what it is you normally eat over a period of a week, day by day! This will give a great indication of what variation you enjoy and how good you are at fitting your food around your busy life!

Be honest

Yes you are motivated right now as you sit here ‘’gorping’’ over somebody’s physique you would kill to have! However, when you are 6 weeks into your new lifestyle change will you still really enjoy prawn salad in a wholemeal bagel, opposed to your usual Subway? I would suggest perhaps not, so don’t go too far from where your roots lye! In this instance, if Subway is the normal meal of choice, I would recommend a homemade baguette using a wholegrain baguette (of course), chicken breast chunks, salad, and some chopped vegetables with some ultra low calorie dressing. You can even heat this up if you have access to a microwave or grill! You can see the difference here right? Making small but significant changes opposed to totally throwing your eating habits out of the window!


Apparently we are in a ‘credit crunch’ so people may say finances are a limiting factor in their diet! For sure it can be expensive, I will spend up to £70 a week on food sometimes, but this doesn’t have to be the case! In fact, I would say for £35 a week you could eat healthily and build a physique which looks mightily impressive! For those guys who don’t buy their own food yet, that’s NOT a lot to spend on a normal food shop each week! Again, make sure you diet within your means because if you stretch yourself to the point where it is touch and go, this is just another reason to give up! You may love your new diet but finances are usually the most influencing factor in everyone’s life, so be smart with your planning!

Can you eat like this all year?

To finish I will leave you with this question! If this is going to be a ‘life changing’ diet for you, which it has the potential to be you need to be able to live with it 95% of the year! There is a distinct difference between liking junk food and living off it! Put 3 MacDonald’s, 1litre of Bounty ice cream, fish and chips from my favourite chippy and a pack of chocolate Hobnobs and I will annihilate it ALL no problems, and I would probably do it again! That is what I would describe as really liking junk food, BUT I don’t crave it on a daily basis and I don’t need it. However, I will indulge once or twice a week as part of a ‘healthy’ living plan (not the quantity I just mentioned though!). This way I enjoy my life because that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day, yet I can also stay in shape and healthy which is also very important! Personally, it is ingrained into me whenever I eat that my meals are healthy and giving me sufficient nutrients for my goals! However, it isn’t ‘’dieting’’ to me because I enjoy my food. I eat fruit, some cereals, and all sorts of meat, all sorts of carbs, meats, fish and dairy products. So you could say I eat pretty much what I want as long as it’s the healthy option and at the right time of the day! This is what I want to encourage, a diet where you eat a cross-section of healthy foods, some junk to keep you happy, and above all else something you can stick to wherever you go! Everyone has to eat, and there is also the choice to eat healthy even if you are out!

From this I hope you understand what we are trying to promote. Yes, you need to eat healthy to be healthy and in shape, BUT it has to be something you enjoy and can stick to! Don’t diet with foods you can barely stand the site of, it will wear off trust me!

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