4 Things to do on Holiday!

Choosing to live a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy; it takes preparation and lots of it! Several times I will read emails off people stating that they are going to diet for their holiday, then suggest on their holiday they can’t continue eating healthy! Now when you go on holiday, enjoy it and indulge! However, you should keep an eating schedule so that your metabolism maintains its pace and you don’t become catabolic! Here are 4 ways to ensure you at least maintain your muscle whilst on holiday!


In the boiling hot weather you may just want a piece of fruit for breakfast, but I would insist you have a well balanced meal! Go for a lovely bowl of wholegrain Weetabix with skimmed milk, chopped fruit with it and some low fat natural yoghurt! These are all things you can get in most places abroad, it tastes great any day of the week, it’s easy to prepare and it will help keep your muscle tissue!

Every 3 hour rule!

On holiday still keep your target of eating every 3 hours, personally I have to anyway because I get hungry all of the time! Just something like brown toast, brown sandwiches, brown bagels with salad, chicken, peanut butter, scrambled egg, tuna with mayo and the likes of all work! Sure, have mayo because you want to enjoy your holiday, at least this way you are keeping your protein intake high and muscle glycogen levels topped up!

Remain hydrated!

The chances are that you will be going somewhere hotter than the UK, therefore if you are drinking 4 litres of water a day; it stands to reason you will probably need at least 5 in a warmer climate! Keeping your water intake high is essential in regards to maintain your muscle tissue because it will help with nutrient assimilation. If you become dehydrated you will soon become catabolic!


For those of you who are really serious about maintaining a good level of nutrition whilst abroad research the locality of where you are staying! This will give you an idea of what types of protein sources are available before you go! This way you can check if certain meats are lean, what’s their protein content and how best to prepare them to make sure they taste great! Indulge in the local food, its all about experiencing life, but do it with your healthy lifestyle at heart whenever you can!

There are 4 things I would advise any serious athlete to do if you’re going away on holiday this summer!! This will help you maintain your muscle whilst you are away from the gym! Eating junk isn’t such an issue, you have to enjoy it! It’s more a case of eating enough protein more than anything else!

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