4 Most Overlooked Supplements!

Mainstream supplements are always in your face in magazines, on websites and in gyms! The likes of protein, creatine, nitric oxide, fat burners, L-Glutamine and similar products are what I would call ‘main stream!’ However, sometimes people forget the importance of other supplements, which can potentially benefit them massively! Here are my top 4 supplements which you may have overlooked!


HMB or officially Beta-hydroxy, Beta-Methylbuterate is a fantastic supplement which could potentially offer several massive benefits as an athlete! In short, HMB helps prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue during and after training, making it a very effective anti-catabolic agent! As a result following a gruelling HMB accelerates the rate of growth because your body has to spend less time repairing damaged muscle fibres!

CNP Pro-Gakic

Glycine-L-Arginine ketoisocaproate is a very useful pre-workout supplement which I highly rate! This particular formula uses an optimum mix of ingredients to achieve maximum impact! Gakic has the ability to help you train harder and for longer periods of time simply be prolonging the onset of muscle fatigue! If you train with increased intensity, and you can train at this intensity for longer your muscles will probably be forced to grow and get stronger!!

USN Multiplex Vitamin & Mineral Complex

Not many people eat a diet where they get enough vitamins and minerals! In fact, as an athlete even if you do you may lose a percentage through intense training, therefore you need more! So many beginners are fixated with ‘muscle mass’ supplements that they forget the foundation supplements which are also vital!! Using a top class multi-vitamin can help you stay anabolic and accelerate your rate of recovery, because you’re immune function is high, therefore your body is less likely to become run down!


BCAAs are becoming more popular after a massive push among the fitness community to really promote this amazing supplement! BCAAs have the potential to help prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue during exercise, where you are most vulnerable to lose it! As a result they are an absolute must supplement in my mind, and if you don’t use them every time you train you will be thinking ‘I am losing muscle!’ because you are not getting your BCAAs in!

There are my top 4 supplements which I feel people miss out on, as they get so caught up in ‘super’ supplements and ‘magic’ formulas! Get these basics into your supplement plan along with the protein, creatine and L-glutamine and you will really see some progress!!HiweHowe

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