4 Foods for Healthy Skin!

If you train to look good and have a toned body the chances are you take great pride in your appearance! Training hard and eating regimented diets can sometimes lead to us having dry skin which makes us look half dead! Here are 4 foods I would highly recommend you get into your diet in order to keep your skin looking healthy!

Kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruits are absolutely loaded with vitamin C; in fact they contain TWICE as much as an orange does! Vitamin C helps keep the overall immune function within us healthy, which helps prevent us from becoming run down. Vitamin C also helps keep the skin hydrated, therefore if you suffer with dry skin Kiwi fruits could be your answer!  Kiwi fruits are also enriched with the ‘skin care’ vitamin which is E! Vitamin E is known for its vital role in skin cell rejuvenation and for helping your skin maintain its elasticity, helping you to look young and youthful always!


Tomatoes are a very rich source of antioxidants which help neutralise free radicals in the blood, which can attack the skin cells! Tomatoes also contain an acid which helps remove dry skin which is important when you are trying to maintain a healthy look! Like Kiwis, tomatoes are full of vitamin C which by now you know really helps with skin care!


Carrots are also a fantastic skin care food! They are full of vitamin A which plays a vital role in the development of new healthy skin cells. If your diet is deficient in vitamin A then your skin could appear to be dry! Carrots are also loaded with antioxidants which are essential in the combat against free radicals, and they damage they can cause to your skin cells!


Blueberries are one of the richest sources of powerful antioxidants and phytochemicals! These play a huge role in protecting your DNA from the damage of free radicals, which in turn enhances the ability of your body to maintain healthy skin! You may have guessed, but blueberries are also a fantastic source of vitamin C!

There are my top 4 foods for healthy skin! Sure, you can eat all of these foods during a fat loss diet at the correct time of the day! Having blueberries with your oats at breakfast tastes great, tomatoes with your lunch time meal adds flavour, kiwi fruits after your workout for a sugar spike and carrots with your evening meal!!! Drink plenty of water, eat these foods in moderation and you will have a much better chance of maintaining healthy skin!!

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