3 Ways to Juggle Muscle With Aerobic Fitness!

Becoming an ‘all rounder’ athlete is easier said than done! If you are training to pack on some lean muscle tissue then the chances are you will be neglecting continuous cardiovascular exercise to ensure you are not burning your muscle away! Therefore you could say to build a ‘beach body’ with an impressive level of muscle mass, muscle tone and maintain a good level of cardiovascular endurance can be a real mission! Here are my top 3 tips to achieving just this, so that you don’t have to sacrifice your aerobic sports for muscle, and you don’t have to waste away your muscle to play sport!


Maintaining full control over your diet is key to holding on to muscle tissue whilst participating in various aerobic activities. For example, if you are playing football on Saturday it is wise to ensure you have adequate levels of slow burning carbohydrates in your diet leading up to the match, and that you get fast digesting carbohydrates immediately post match with whey isolate protein! If you neglect your diet, particularly on days where you are doing hours of aerobic exercise you could potentially lose a lot of muscle tissue! How often do you see guys start doing aerobic exercise after weight training for years and they just evaporate! This is probably because their diet isn’t suited towards maintaining their muscle mass! By taking charge with your diet there is no reason why you cannot carry that ‘ideal’ men’s health look whilst playing a lot of sport!


Supplements can play a massive part in your quest to maintaining muscle during aerobic exercise! BCAAs are a must pre and post exercise because they can help prevent the break down of muscle tissue! Using a multi-blend timed release protein such as Gaspari Myofusion, PhD 6HR Blend or CNP Pro-Peptide will help drip feed your muscles throughout the day which should decrease the chances of catabolism occurring. To ensure your muscle glycogen levels are always full I would always advise using PhD Waxy Maize before your aerobic exercise as well as straight after, and sometimes during if the duration is longer than say 1.5-2 hours. If your muscle glycogen levels are full your body is much more likely to eat away at that opposed to your muscle tissue!


OK, so for the last 4 years you have pretty much lived for muscle. You walked away from your aerobic activities bar walking because you wanted to get ‘big!’ Now you are big enough, all of a sudden you fancy getting back into cardiovascular exercise. Therefore you need to ensure you make the right alterations to your training plan so that your body isn’t over trained! If you have been lifting weights 4/5 times a week, there is no way you can do the same really as well as jog 4 times a week, do a circuit, play football and cycle. Yes, you may get very aerobically fit but you will really risk over training and potentially muscle injury. Personally, I think 3 solid weight sessions a week combined with various cardio routines is enough to maintain a lean beach body when done right! Remember, if you are happy with your size you simply need to stimulate your muscles as a matter of maintenance, you don’t need to take your muscles further each week to force them to grow necessarily!  

There are my 3 top tips for juggling your muscle with the capacity of your lungs! If you have reached a cross roads where you think on the one hand you would like to get fit again, but you don’t want to lose your hard earned muscle this could be ideal for you!

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