3 Ways to Get 'Zoned In'

Getting into the zone before a workout is easier said than done! Often after a hard days graft you end up strolling into the gym instead of rushing to the place, ready to TRAIN! Slightly off topic, I wasn’t suggesting you speed to get to the gym, just in case plod is reading this!!! Therefore you have to find a way to get your head into your training session before you start, this way your intensity levels will definitely be higher and you will get more out of your workouts! Here are 3 ways I get into the ‘zone’ before a workout and I haven’t failed to batter my muscles yet!


This may sound obvious, but I am being quite specific here! Music in general isn’t my advice, what I am saying is to learn to listen to music which really gets you amped!!! Surely there is a film you watch and the track just makes your spine tingle, or a song which just makes you want to be Superman!? Make a track of these songs and play it in your car on the way to the gym or on your headphones if you walk or cycle! Once your in the gym and you begin your session, don’t let the music stop! Keep your headphones in; enjoy the shot of adrenaline the music is firing into your blood and TRAIN!!!


If you have a spare 10 minutes before you go to the gym whilst you are taking your pre-workout drink watch a video! No, not junk like Family Guy, Fonejacker or The Simpsons because funny videos put you in the wrong frame of mind! Watch a pro athlete blitz a session on Youtube or anyone else you idolise! This will have you breaking down the front door and tearing off the door handle of your car to get to the gym!!!

Negative people

Negativity is my pet hate, but in the gym I love negative people! People who doubt me, people who say I can’t, people who say I will fail. Instead of my training partner, these people become my best mates because I visualise them as I am about to give up, then I keep going! OK admittedly, I milked that point but does that sound familiar? If you are skinny and you have set out to get muscle, or perhaps you are overweight and you aim to get ripped and people laughed at you, how are you going to react? My advice would be to take that and embrace it and take your gym sessions to another level!!! Then you will be able to laugh right back in their face!

There you go, 3 very easy ways to get into that zone, that place where you need to be to make your workouts count! Damn, I am pumped so I ‘gotta’ go train! Thinking about it has got me into the ZONE!

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