3 Tips To Make Cardio Work Better!

Love it or hate it, cardio training is a vital cog in the wheel of your success as an athlete! Low impact cardio is normally acknowledged as the best form of training to promote fat loss, combined with a rigid weight training programme and nutrition plan. As your transformation develops, it can become slightly harder each week to keep the weight coming off. Therefore here are 3 top tips to help make your cardio more of an effective fat burning tool!

Tip 1 Sweat it out! –

Making your body sweat more will help you get leaner for a number of reasons. It stands to reason the more you sweat the warmer your core body temperature is, therefore your rate of thermogenesis is going to be higher! Increased thermogenesis equates to more calories been used by the body. Furthermore, by sweating you will be causing the sodium from underneath your skin to be removed more often. Considering sodium is the prime cause of water retention, your rate of water retention should decrease if you sweat more during cardio. This should lead to a harder and drier looking physique! In order to make yourself sweat more, wrap yourself up in a long sleeved top and a hoody! For the more extreme athletes among us, try using a bin bag over your clothes as well! Be warned though, you will sweating profusely therefore ensure you keep yourself well hydrated throughout the day! Remember, you are trying to release the sodium under the skin through sweating, increased water intake will actually help this as it flushes out the sodium!

Tip 2 120-140BPM Rule! –

Many studies have shown that you want to get your heart rate in the 120-140BPM range in order to maximise your body fat burn rate. However if you are doing cardio at home you probably wont have the apparatus to get an accurate indication of your BPM! Therefore you need to work in a logic manner. For the first 5 minutes of your cardio move a slightly faster pace than usual in order to stimulate your heart rate, so you reach this level as fast as possible. This doesn’t mean jog, this just means walk a bit faster than you usually would for your cardio session, for the first 5 minutes!

Tip 3 Thermogenesis Starts Before Cardio! –

About 20 minutes before cardio take your fat burners and also have a black coffee. This particular cup of coffee isn’t the usual social ‘cuppa’, so if you don’t like black coffee, get over it and drink it! You can enjoy your skinny late after with your mates, once your cardio is done. Personally I don’t like black coffee, but needs must therefore you have to work through that. By doing this your rate of thermogenesis is increasing before you even start cardio, therefore it stands to reason you are going to get more out of your session!

Implementing these small but significant changes to your cardio training should get you better results, in a faster timeframe! I would advise you use Tip 1 as your transformation progresses, as your way of ‘upping the ante’ and making your training more taxing, and therefore more progressive!

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