3 Scrumptious Pasta Dishes!

When I was a lot younger I often said things like ‘I could live on pasta’ or ‘mum, can I have pasta’ because I loved it! If there was any left over in the kitchen after everyone had eaten their supper you would be sure to find me gorging on the remains! Ironically, today I eat an awful lot of brown pasta obviously because it is one of the best sources of low glycemic carbohydrates about. Here are my top 3 pasta dishes for all you pasta lovers who are conscious about your waistline!

Spicy Chilli Beef and Brown Pasta

For some reason when you diet and you have a craving, having something spicy seems to work. Maybe because it is such a unique flavour in your mouth, and considering you diet may be quite bland it satisfies your cravings like something sweet might do! The spicy component of the beef will also actually support fat loss because of the thermogenic effects, every little helps!!! Personally I find this recipe works best for me!

200g lean minced beef (drained of fat)

2 chopped tomatoes

2 sliced mushrooms

½ chopped red pepper

½ chopped green pepper

½ chopped red onion

Tablespoon mild chilli powder

60g brown pasta (dry weight)


Chicken and Brown Pasta Bake

There is nothing like a hearty warm, calorie dense meal when you are starving! Pasta bakes certainly fit this bill very well, and it is also a perfect meal to reheat as well if you cook enough for several servings. This particular meal is very quick to prepare making it a favourite of mine!

200g chopped chicken breast

5 sliced cherry tomatoes

2 sliced mushrooms

½ sliced red pepper

½ sliced green pepper

½ sliced red onion

20g pine kernels

25g low fat cheddar cheese (grated on top)

½ lemon squeezed over the dish


Pork and Brown Pasta Surprise

This is something I got very accustomed to when I was on holiday in Cyprus in 2009! It isn’t always easy staying in shape abroad but this dish made it a lot easier! This literally entailed taking a bunch of ingredients and chucking them into a big mixing bowl once it was cooked and enjoying! This is a typical ‘scoff’ meal where you just chuck into a bowl and enjoy shovelling it down with a spoon!

200g lean pork steak (cut fat off edges)

25g low fat cheddar cheese (grated)

20g pine kernels

1 heaped tablespoon of low fat green pesto

60g brown past tubes (dry weight)

5 sliced cheery tomatoes

There are 3 of my favourite brown pasta dishes! Hopefully you will agree that there is plenty of flavour and variation in these dishes, proving yet again healthy doesn’t mean tasteless! Enjoy, or as they say in Italy ‘Bon appétit’ or is that France?!

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