3 Reasons to Train Legs!

Leg training isn’t everybody’s cup of tea; it certainly wasn’t mine until a couple of years ago. Yes, I would train them but it would be a case of ‘tickling’ them just so I could say ‘I have trained legs’ more than anything else. As I have matured I have come to appreciate the importance of intense leg training and why anybody who is serious about their gains needs to up their ‘leg game!’ Here are 3 compelling reasons why leg day should be your most intense workout of the week bar none!

Legs lead the way!

When you push your legs to the limit it really sends shockwaves through your body, and it stimulates a reaction like no other workout can! The simple reason behind this seems to be the sheer fact that your legs are a massive muscle group, therefore if you push them beyond limits your body has to learn to cope with this! How does it do this? It increases your natural anabolic hormone output! This means that by blasting your legs every week you are not only improving your leg development, you are also developing an environment within your body which promotes additional muscle growth!

Fat loss alert!

An intense leg workout is definitely the best way to obliterate the calories and significantly lower your body fat levels! Due to the size of your quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes when you press, squat and deadlift with them this causes a huge expenditure in calories. Ladies and gents if you want the ultimate fat burning workout just follow one of the leg routines on FitMag! Again, due to the intensity of a leg workout, your metabolism is going to get fired up as well!

Upper body strength!

If you train your legs as hard, and as consistently as your upper body, then your overall strength will certainly increase. If you can imagine standing barbell curls; if your legs are weak you will become ‘jelly legged’ and begin to feel unstable. However, if your legs are strong, your overall stance should be a lot for solid! The body really does work as one big machine, and you need to make sure you are ‘fine tuning’ all of the components!

If these 3 reasons don’t make you want to train legs harder than you have ever done before then I don’t know what will! Begin to attack leg day whether you want to gain lots of muscle, just get lean or get stronger! An intense leg workout will help a man or lady achieve any of those results with the correct application!

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