4 Reasons to Supplement With Protein!

Protein powders are the number one selling supplements on the market today with more and more athletes realising the importance of these formulas! Long gone are the days where people believe protein powders are only for ‘muscle bound freaks’! Personally, I have seen endurance runners, MMA fighters, fitness models, bikini models, footballers, golfers as well as many other athletes benefit from the use of protein supplementation! If you are still wondering whether you really need it, here are 4 reasons why I say ‘YES you do’!


If you exercise regularly whether that be weight training, tennis or running your muscle fibres are going to be broken down. This is why you experience sever aching in your muscles for days after exercise, it is better known as DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)! Protein is the key to recovery, and even if you don’t want to gain any lean muscle tissue, 1g of protein per pound of body weight each day should be your bare minimum if you’re exercising regularly! Will you eat all this through solid food? Not unless your appetite is of a starved T-Rex! Therefore protein powders enable you to get the right balance of protein in each day to ensure your muscles recover fast enough! The quality of the protein is also one of the very best sources which is key, because not all protein is equal!

Protein assimilation

The term protein assimilation means the amount of protein your body actually utilises in comparison to the volume you ingest on a daily basis. Normally, your body will assimilate approximately 30% of the protein you eat through the day! However, by using a high quality protein supplement your rate of protein assimilation will increase, therefore your body will be able to utilise a higher percentage of the protein you eat! This should equate to faster recovery and the development of additional lean muscle tissue on your physique.

Fat loss

Numerous studies have shown the importance protein plays in the role of fat loss. This is why it is so important to get enough protein into your diet if you want to get lean! Protein helps stabilise your blood sugar levels which will help suppress the onset of hunger, and create an environment within your body which will promote fat loss!



There will inevitably be times of the day where you find it difficult to get your meal in! This can quickly lead to a lack of protein intake; therefore protein supplements help you with their convenience factor. It takes about 30 seconds to shake it up, and another 60 seconds to drink it!

As you can see, whether you are male, female and participate in endurance events or power sports protein supplementation is crucial! There is no athlete who doesn’t need to recover properly, because whatever your sport may be, if you’re not recovered your performance will lack for sure! Now there are no excuses for not getting your protein in!

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