3 Reasons to Eat Regularly!

Eating small but frequent meals is the key to getting the body of your dreams. Whether you are aiming to pack on some serious muscle size, get lean, improve your energy levels or get strong, you need to be taking in frequent small balanced meals. Often people, in particular ladies I must say, freak out when I say you need to eat say 5 small meals a day. Instantly they associate volume with getting fat! Here are 3 prime reasons why eating small but frequent meals is key to getting into shape!!!


If you were to eat the traditional way us Brits tend to follow, breakfast, lunch and supper then you are leaving large gaps between meals. Often this prompts us to snack on fast digesting snacks such as white toast, chocolate, cereal and the likes of because we are hungry. This way of eating doesn’t rally stimulate your metabolism! However, eating every 3 hours means that your metabolism will be more likely to get up to speed as your body is constantly digesting! The process of digestion stimulates the use of a lot of calories! More than this, the constant drip feeding of nutrients every 3 hours keeps the metabolism fast!

Blood Sugar Levels

Eating big meals just a couple of times a day will cause a bigger spike on your blood sugar levels, and it will also cause them to dip between meals. This is why you will often feel hungry between meals and crave something sugary! Eating every 3 hours with a balance of slow digesting carbohydrates and protein will help stabilise your blood sugar levels. This doesn’t just suppress your cravings for sugar, it also maximises your body’s ability to burn body fat! This will also ensure your energy levels are maximised because your blood sugar levels are in a constant state!


Eating more regularly will have a psychological effect on you! It will make you feel more full, how can you possibly be hungry again if you only ate 2 hours ago. It will also make you feel stronger and more energised because you feel there is no way you can be weak if you have eaten several balanced meals!

There are 3 main reasons why you should be aiming for at least 5 small solid meals a day. Small doesn’t mean ‘small’ it means proportionate to your goals and size. It just means not masses of food all at once like the way have become accustomed to in Britain!

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