3 Foods to Aid Digestion!

Digestion is such a key part of building your ‘dream’ physique, and it is often one of the most overlooked aspects of nutrition among athletes. Logically, if you your body isn’t able to digest the foods you are eating in an effective manner, then your gains will be limited. Your midsection will appear bloated, you will feel uncomfortable and your body’s ability to assimilate the nutrients in the food will be limited. Therefore here are 3 foods you definitely need in your diet, to promote healthy digestion!

Pineapple –

Pineapple is one of the very best natural foods for promoting healthy digestion. In pineapple, there is a digestive enzyme known as Bromelaine which is also responsible for most of the ‘healing qualities’ of the king tropical fruit! Bromelaine is particularly helpful in aiding the digestion of protein, which is going to benefit just about any athlete due to the high protein content of their diet! Therefore I would suggest you have some chopped pineapple with your breakfast and some straight after your workouts. Not only will you feel refreshed, your digestive system will thank you, and the vitamin content will enhance your overall immune function!

Low Fat Pro-Biotic Yoghurt –

Pro-biotic yoghurt contains is fantastic for your overall digestive health. The probiotics found in yogurt support the replenishment of health bacteria such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. These bacteria which are found in the intestinal tract help suppress the development of harmful bacteria which can cause poor digestion efficiency and upset stomachs. Therefore you should aim to have in the region of 100-150g of low fat pro-biotic yoghurt each day. Whether you have it in a smoothie or as yoghurt, be sure to have it for breakfast along with the rest of your food. The reason for this is because the sugar carbohydrate content is relatively high; therefore you don’t want to stimulate your insulin sensitivity any other time of the day with yogurt apart from breakfast!

Potato, Skins and all! –

Fibre is such an important component of digestion! In short, fibre helps to keep moving through the body opposed to sitting in the intestines or bowel for excessive amounts of time. As a result this limits the amount of toxins in your body, and it also helps prevent bloating. Fibre has also shown itself to remove excess cholesterol from the body opposed to it been absorbed by your blood. Do get your fibre in; you should have a baked potato with a nice crispy skin for your post-workout meal. The slightly higher G.I carbohydrates will aid glycogen replenishment and help stimulate your insulin levels, whilst the fibre will enhance your digestive health. You should also consume plenty of greens along with this in order to maximise your healthy fibre intake!

There are 3 great foods for any athlete to eat to increase the efficiency and health of their digestive system. For sure there are plenty of other foods available which can promote healthy digestion, however these foods also have additional benefits to any athlete!

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