3 Exercises to Avoid

Advice is a two way thing, we aim to tell you everything you should be doing but we also want to tell you what may not be so beneficial. In my experience, there are certain exercises which don’t really offer that much to an athlete and they also pose a bigger threat to the health of your joints. Here are my top 3 exercises to avoid!

Box Squats - Box squats literally mean to either have a bench or box behind you when you squat, so on the way down your backside touches the surface and then you go back up. A lot of people stop at the bottom because it takes the momentum out of the exercise, thus adding more stress to the quads. Whilst there may be a point to here, by having weight across your shoulders weighing down on your back AND having a solid surface beneath is not good! This will suppress your spine which can cause all sorts of issues in the future for you. Using a regular squat is ample and if you want the added stress on your quads just pause at the bottom! Box squats don’t teach you to hold yourself whilst squatting either, and they don’t tax your stabilising muscles as much!


Sit ups – This exercise is probably the most used on abs day! Whilst it does hit your abs, on the upper half it hits your lower back more than anything else. This isn’t achieving what you want the exercise to, and it isn’t great for your lower back either! Crunches are much better in my opinion because they isolate the abdominals and keep the stress of your back! A lot of the time people use momentum to do sit ups anyway, throwing the body upwards which doesn’t place as much stress on the target muscle groups as crunches!


Triceps Kickbacks – Triceps are one of my favourite muscle groups to train, but I think dumbbell kickbacks are a relatively poor choice of exercise! The reason for this is that the athlete has to focus so much on keeping the arm in place, using the shoulder and back muscles that you may as well isolate the triceps with a variation of single arm extensions.


There are three exercises which I suggest to avoid, at least for the most part anyway. Some people may find they have experienced great gains with these exercises, but the mechanics of these movements tells me there are better options available!

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