3 Common Marketing 'Scams' !!!

Naivety is one of the biggest reasons people fail to see results from their ‘healthy’ eating plan! Major supermarket brands are telling you their product is healthy, it’s low in ‘calories’, it is zero fat, it’s this and it’s that! Well the reality of it is, is that a huge percentage of ‘healthy’ products in our supermarkets are absolutely, totally NOT healthy! When I say healthy I mean they are not a ‘complete package!’ Sure, a cereal may contain fibre which is healthy, but it may also contain 20g of sugar carbohydrates which isn’t! Don’t be blinded by marketing bull!!! Instead learn to recognise yourself if something really is ‘completely healthy’ or not. Dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants as is red wine, are you telling these should be part of your daily diet? I think not! Here are 3 of the most common ‘marketing cons’ in the ‘healthy food’ sector!

Healthy Cereals!

Some cereals are very healthy; I eat Weetabix regularly with skimmed milk, almonds and raisins because it is a great balanced snack! However, there are certain cereals such as Special K for one, which respectively isn’t quite what it makes itself out to be! Their marketing will advise you as the ‘health conscious’ consumer to eat 2-3 servings of Special K a day over a period of 2 weeks to lose 6 lbs as part of their challenge. To clever thing is if you eat unhealthy, and you follow their advice and eat their cereal and a healthy diet you will probably lose weight. However this is going to be more to do with the calorie deficit which the ‘healthy diet’ provides, and I would also suggest a lot of the weight lost in the first 2 weeks is WATER retention! The sugar carbohydrate content in Special K isn’t low enough to make it a healthy option for a real athlete in my opinion, especially 2-3 times a day! Maybe you would get away with a bowl for breakfast as your body can utilise sugar carbohydrates better this time of the day, however even then there are much better performing breakfasts as part of a healthy lifestyle!

Zero fat!

This trap is so sneaky that consumers are not falling into it; they are JUMPING into it by the dozen! Certain products may well now contain zero fat which is potentially great, BUT if the more sceptical athletes among as were to scan over the ‘carbohydrate’ content and more specifically the ‘sugar carbohydrate’ content you will normally find this is relatively high! Things like low fat natural yoghurt with breakfast is something I advocate because of its health benefits to your digestive system! However, some products don’t have any nutritional values, they just taste good and come across as a healthy ‘stop gap’ between meals! Whilst it is true outside of the body these products contain NO fat, as soon as you ingest them and your body begins to digest the food, at least some of it will probably convert to body fat because your body cannot use the sugar carbohydrates! Don’t fall for this one guys!

Low calorie!

A lot of chocolate bars and crisps are now stating an immensely low calorie content which is OK, but it doesn’t mean they are guilt free. In fact, this very topic is partly why I don’t like counting calories too much and why I think it has its limits! For example, a chocolate bar may only contain 88 calories but 95% of that is going to be bad for you, nothing to aid recovery, fat loss or anything else! On the other hand, a balanced healthy snack you put together may contain twice the calories, but 95% of them are useful to the body! Are you really telling that the lower calorie option, in this instance the chocolate bar is better for you? ‘’NO WAY Jose’’, is what I say, so don’t start telling yourself low calorie junk food is OK for you! Sure, it is BETTER to have low calorie junk food when you are having a cheat meal, but it isn’t ‘good’ for you!

From this quick guide I hope you are better prepared to avoid been caught out by these marketing traps which are rife within our supermarkets!

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