3 Common Injuries to Avoid!

Injuries are part and parcel of training, whether that is to sculpt a beach body, play football for your local team or run a marathon! To think you will never get injured is naïve; because when you train your body comes under unnatural levels of stress therefore things are going to give from time to time. In this case, you need to be proactive in your attempt to limit these injuries and reactive when they do occur! Here is a guide which should help you avoid 3 of the most common injuries people who weight train experience!

Lowe Back Pain –

Lower back pain is a very common injury among weight trainers, and whilst the constant build up of stress through training can contribute, there are many mistakes people make which exacerbate this problem!

1 – Not locking the back out when lifting heavy

It is absolutely imperative when you lift heavy weights your back is locked out with your shoulders pushed back slightly. If you slouch or round your back, then your lower back is terribly vulnerable to injury!

2 – Excessive body movement when training

So many people swing weights around in the gym, which is absolutely pointless from a muscle building point of view. However, in regards to the health of your back it is even worse because it is your lower back which bears the stress of most workouts. If your workout is poor due to a lack of form, it will become very susceptible to injury. People lift too heavy for their own good, which causes them to cheat! This will eventually end up in tears, trust me!

There are two of the most common causes of lower back injuries among weight trainers. Now you should be able to act before you injure your back. If you don’t take care of your back, it is like a ticking time bomb and it will only be a matter of time before it goes!

Shoulder Joint Pain –

Speaking from experience, a niggle in the shoulder joint can be excruciating especially when you are trying to lift heavy weights! Again, this pain can occur due to ‘wear and tear’ but there are also some common mistakes which people make which are avoidable!

1 – Not warming up

The shoulder joint plays a pivotal role in a lot of movements during weight training, it certainly isn’t just limited to shoulder day that’s for sure! People don’t spend adequate amount of time getting blood flowing into the shoulder joint which can be a recipe for disaster. To overcome this, I would advise warming your shoulders up with very light dumbbells for about 5 minutes before any upper body workout! If your shoulder joints get to the point where you cannot train, there is no working around the injury!

2 – Pressing too heavy

People tend to press to heavy on barbells too often! Bench pressing places an immense level of stress on your shoulder joint, especially with a barbell. Dumbbells are much easier going on the joint; therefore you should make sure the majority of your pressing is done with dumbbells. This will in fact benefit your overall muscle development coincidentally!

Knee Joint Pain –

Knees are notorious for wearing badly in an athlete’s body because of the amount of exercise they go through in a life time! The cartilage wears away over time which can cause sever pain in the joint. Again, however people also suffer from niggles due to a lack of care.

1 – Loose form on leg extensions

It never ceases to amaze me when people perform leg extensions how some of them let the plummet to the bottom, and just about as it is going to hit the stack they prevent it with their legs. Of course, this weight transfer goes right through the knee joints. Your ligaments and tendons won’t put up with this level of stress forever and once they go, they will never be quite the same again! Control your repetitions on the negative, so that on the way down your muscles bear most of the stress!

2 – Lack of leg training

This may sound a bit weird, but a lot of people get knee injuries when they train because they don’t train legs enough. Envisage the average gym bunny who loves the ‘mirror muscles’ and once a month out of guilt they hit legs. Due to their poor leg development they try and push beyond what they are capable of, their knee joints can’t cope and they get injured! If you train your legs properly with good form each week, the muscles surrounding your knee joints will help minimise injuries in your knee joint!

There are 3 of the most common pains people experience from weigh training. For sure, a lot of the time it can be down to wear and tear, but there are many occasions where people antagonise the injuries themselves due to poor training protocol!

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