3 Best Tasting Whey Isolate Proteins!

Everyone finds a protein powder which works for them and then they normally stick with it! This makes sense, if you find your rate of progress is good, your body copes with the ingredients well and the taste is great then why change? Well, as a beginner you may find that you are finding it difficult to really nail down a protein formula you like! ‘’XYZ tastes good in the morning, but by night time I am sick of it’’ and ‘’ABC is a bit bland, but I can cope with it for longer!’’ What do you do? Here are my personal top 3 protein supplements on the market today! For the purpose of the article, they are all whey isolate formulas; therefore I am not taking into account multi-blend time phased protein products. That can be another discussion for another day!

Gaspari Intrapro

Gaspari Intrapro is a sensational product in several ways! One small scoop contains a healthy 25g of the highest quality fast digesting proteins! This powder mixes incredibly well with no lumps and it is also nice a thin. However lets not kid ourselves, we are here to judge the taste, and we know the ingredients are premium! If I was afforded just one word to describe the taste of Intrapro it would have to be ‘mouth-watering’ (I used the hyphen smart arse!)! Intrapro genuinely tastes gorgeous, as do all Gaspari products! If the waiter in a smoothie bar passed you an Intrapro shake you wouldn’t complain! Personally, I would say that you HAVE to try all the flavours because it is so hard to choose ONE favourite! It is a bit like going to the sweet shop and having to choose your favourite sweets!

PhD Whey HT+

It was only last year where I was fortunate enough to taste a PhD protein, and since then I have always liked to use their products! Recently I tried Whey HT+ and I have to tell you I was mightily impressed! For me I judge the protein on its ingredients (obviously) and as long as it ticks those boxed which Whey HT+ does with ease, it comes down to ‘mixability’ and taste! Whey HT+ mixes so easily which is vital because if I am drinking a shake 6:00AM I DON’T want to be choking on lumps of powder and make myself gag! The taste is also lush, with a great variety to choose from! Again I find it really hard to choose a favourite, but with this product I WILL go out on a limb and say Chocolate cookies . . . . Mmmmmm!!

Reflex Instant Whey

In terms of quality, you can’t really beat Reflex Instant Whey because of its ultra high premium blend of ingredients and the fact it is voluntarily batch tested! Again, like the first two this protein mixes incredibly easily which by now you know is important to me because essentially, I am a wimp and if it’s lumpy I won’t drink it! However, the real reason I ADORE this product is all down to ONE flavour! When I used to sell ice cream I found that I had a burning love for mint-choc chip ice cream and I could never find a protein this flavour which was that good! Even the Gaspari mint-choc chip didn’t impress me as much as Reflex’s version! During the summer, I cannot think of a better way to build muscle AND enjoy a VERY refreshing drink than Reflex Instant Whey mint choc-chip!!!

There you go guys, my take on which whey isolate proteins are the best on the market in terms of taste and ‘mixability!’ Sure, there are loads of great proteins out there but do they work as well as these and do they taste as good? I challenge you to find better tasting alternatives!

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