15 Powerpoints to Get Ripped!

Summer conditioning requires an awful lot of effort, preparation, motivation and understanding! FitMag can provide with all the knowledge and understanding you need, but nobody but yourself can make you do the rest. However, here is an 15 point checklist for you to follow, which will help you prepare to get ripped!

Set the goal!

Before you start your transformation, write down exactly what it is you want to achieve and more importantly when! By doing this you become more attached to the goal! Research has shown people who write down their goals are more likely to fulfil them!

Get a diet!

Once your goal is in place, get your diet sorted! Food will either make your break your transformation! Make sure it isn’t the latter by getting your nutritional advice from FitMag! Nutrition is more than half the equation!

Get a time phased training plan!

Even if you have trained for 10 years, make sure you set out a specific training plan spanning out over the duration of your transformation. Having a structure for your training will help keep you motivated and it will let you know if you’re on track or not!

Choose a supplement stack!
It is no secret that supplements will make between a 15-20% difference to your overall transformation! Therefore you need to select what supplements you feel are going to work best for you, based on the in-depth advice given on FitMag! I will start you off; multi-blend protein, fat burner, l-carnitine, BCAAs. . . . . . .

Go shopping!

Every week you will probably do a food shop, but this time round make sure the food you put in the trolley is part of your ‘plan of action!’ To ensure you don’t miss meals or cheat, make sure you always have at least 3 days worth of food in your house at any one time. Don’t keep any junk food stocked in the house! This will tempt you beyond your strongest resistance during your weak minded spells! If the food isn’t there to cheat you can’! On cheat day, get the right amount of cheat food in more one meal, not several! This way there is no half eaten cake screaming out at you every time you open the fridge door!

Systemise your transformation!

Training 6 times a week with weights, doing cardio every morning and eating like Mr. Olympia may sound like a great plan, but can you sustain it? Probably not is the answer! Workout what is required to achieve your goals, and then plot out your daily routine. This way you can measure just how realistic your plans are!

Build momentum, and keep it going!

The first week is always the hardest because you don’t look any better, you don’t feel any stronger and you miss all the food you were eating just 7 days ago. However, it is so important on week 1 you get your food spot on, you don’t miss a meal, don’t miss cardio, a weights session or do anything else you shouldn’t! By getting week one right you set the correct pace for the rest of your transformation and you get yourself into a routine! You may want to see results right away, but you have to go through this period first to get there!

Keep track!

You want to be taking your weight on the same scales every morning. This will help you understand if your plan is working. For sure, some days you may not be lighter, in fact you may be heavier. However, this can just be down to water levels, therefore by taking your weight each day you will get a true reading of your weight. There is nothing more motivating that seeing your weight come down! Remember not to beat yourself up over your body weight though because it isn’t the main concern, it is just an indicator that’s all! Keep an eye on the mirror as well which will give you a good idea if your body fat levels are coming down.

Blog on FitMag!

It is extremely motivating and fulfilling when you show like minded people what you are doing, and you receive positive feedback. Part of getting ripped is all about being positive and surrounding yourself with positive people. Blogging your progress on FitMag will do just that, plus you get to inspire other people as well!

 Tell people!

Explain to the people around you, your family, partner and friends you are about to go through a transformation. This way they SHOULD respect that you cannot eat junk like they are, and that you cannot stray from your plan at all! Anybody who respects and loves you will understand and appreciate you want to better yourself, your confidence and your health!

Idolise someone!

Whoever this athlete may be, idolise somebody who you can relate to who has achieved the kind of physique you aspire to. Watch videos on them, read content they have written and whenever you feel as if you can’t keep it going just think of them! Having an idol really works, I have several and whenever I am weak minded I just think what they would do!

Learn to cook!

This may sound a bit silly, but learning to make your food taste good will make getting ripped a lot easier. Trust me on this; you will soon get sick and tired of dry chicken, cold rice and cold broccoli! Some days this may be the only option, but with absolutely minimal effort you can make 95% of your meals taste damn good! There is loads of content of FitMag showing you how to make your meals taste yummy so there is no excuses partner!!!

Turn negativity into positivity!

The best looking, strongest, wealthiest most successful people in the world have all had doubters and haters try and bring them down at some point in their lives! You will too, and embrace it! If someone doubts me that makes me even more hungry and motivated to show them otherwise. Whoever doubts you, whoever says you can’t, say you can twice as load back in your mind! More than this DO IT! Action speaks louder than words!

Keep a level head!

For sure there will be times during your transformation when you feel things aren’t working, you may doubt the nutrition plan your doing or the cardio or whatever else! As a result you may start staving yourself or doing way too much cardio to compensate! DON’T! This is why you need to take weekly photos so you can see how far you have come. Remain rational and don’t make rash moves, this could really hold you back!

Take action!

OK you have been armed with all the knowledge you need to get shredded this summer! On FitMag you have read about the correct diets to use, the correct supplements to use and the correct way to train. Now do it!!! No excuses, no buts, no what ifs just get out there and start!

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