10 Tips For Optimum Performance!

Below are 10 fantastic tips for any athlete who wants to take their performance to the next level! These are all based on solid studies and written by a very respected member of our FitForum, Omania!!! Enjoy guys!

1 - Muscles = Fuel Tanks.
Rapid response fuel is stored as carbohydrate (muscle glycogen). Eat carbohydrate-rich foods before exercise to slow down drain on your fuel tanks.

2 - Optimum Time to Top Up With Carbs.
Large meal 4-6 hours before activity
Lighter meal 2-3 hours before activity
Snack Up 1 hour before exercise

3 - Keep Your Fuel Topped Up.
For long duration activities (60 mins plus), drink fluids with a weak solution of simple carbohydrates.

4 - Make Use of Your Reserve Fuel Tank
Stored body fat = fuel for long haul events, although we gave a potentially unlimited supply of fuel from stored fat we can only burn fat as a fuel when combined with carbohydrates.

5 - The Importance of Fluids
Drink fluids at least every 15 mins. Do not wait until you are thirsty!

6 - Protein for Muscle Maintenence and Muscle Growth.
You need 1.25 to 1.5grams of per lb of bodyweight. (1.25grams for "ball sports" 1.5 + for the more demanding sports such as marathon running and bodybuilding)

7 - Protein vs Carbohydrates.
Carbohydrates = instant fuel for the muscles. Protein repairs damaged muscles, maintains muscle mass and increases growth.

8 - Best Time to Refuel Tanks (muscles)
Within 30 mins of ending exercise, take in easyily digested carbohydrates. These are converted to glucose and stored as glycogen, your quick fuel.

9 - Reducing Recovery Time.
Increase antioxident nutrients. Endure adequate supplies of protein.

10 - Supplementation
Multivitamin and mineral supplement assists the body's chemical reactions , regulatory process, and forms structures important for atheletes who may be susceptible to decreased immune systems due to excessive physical exertion.

Following this advice could help achieve your goals!! More than that, it will almost certainly make you train harder, lose fat quicker, feel more energised and in turn be a better athlete!!!

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