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The world of nutrition is full of opinions and theories which can really lead people down the wrong road in order to attain their goals. Especially today we see more and more crazy ideas due to the fact the internet is rife with information, both good and bad. Perhaps the most common debated subject in regards to nutrition is ‘weight loss’. Wherever you turn you see it in women’s magazines, men’s magazine, and websites and even on the TV. Unfortunately just because the advice is shown in such places doesn’t mean it is sound advice. This article aims to correct some myths.

The first rule to weight loss is that there is never a short cut. No supplements, legal or illegal will get you to where you want to be without dedication and commitment to your training and perhaps more importantly your diet. Therefore myth number one that certain ‘miracle’ supplements or diets help you lose 10 lbs in 2 weeks are rubbish.

The second problem is that these ‘scams’ focus on ‘weight loss’ not ‘fat loss’ which is what everyone means when they say they want to lose weight. You could lose 1 stone in a week if you want, don’t eat much, drink loads of water and walk for a couple of hours a day. Problem is, you will have lost most of that weight in the form of water and muscle tissue. When starved our body goes into a state where it catabolises your muscle as its easy to breakdown opposed to fat, and holds onto every bit of fat as an energy store as it fears it wont get anymore. Therefore losing weight is dead easy, easy as a 1, 2, and 3 in fact. The difficult part is losing the correct weight, body fat, which you can only do by eating plenty of quality low glycemic carbohydrates, protein and good fats. Therefore these ‘fad’ diets which show a loss of weight on the scales are not any good to you. The other problem is of course it is not sustainable and the gains won’t last. This is why anorexic people often have a high body fat and look very soft opposed to toned because all of the weight they have lost is muscle, not fat! If you starve yourself to lose ‘weight’ the day you begin eating normal again you will pack on the pounds at an alarming rate, because your body will experience a negative rebound!

Finally, another common mistake people make when looking to lose ‘fat’ is they lower their carbohydrate intake too much and don’t eat in the evenings! This is crazy because quality low glycemic carbohydrates keep your metabolism going, and by not eating at night your muscle tone will be demolished and you will experience increased fat storage. Of course, to lower your body fat levels you do need to ‘lower’ your carbohydrate intake, but don’t banish carbs from your diet and don’t be afraid to eat them!

There is some light shed on some of the common mistakes made by people who are desperate to achieve their dream physique. Most of these myths such as losing all this ‘weight on the scales’ in two weeks are nothing but cons to sell their food. Don’t be a fool, every superstar you see with a show stopping physique has taken the correct amount of time, used the right nutrients and training to get there. Short cuts don’t exist, not even when using illegal substances; it still takes dedication and even more knowledge then! Every day I see people who use a vast range of ‘illegel’ supplements and believe me, they don’t get ‘overnight’ success from these products! The people I do see getting into great shape are the ones who go down the right aisles in the supermarkets, prepare their food, train hard and use the a good range of supplements, and above all else keep this up for a long time!

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