Weighing Your Food!

Weighing out your food is such an important part of dieting simply because you have to know exactly how many macronutrients and in what quantity, are going into your body! If you don’t, you have no foundation to progress from.

When you begin a diet, you are essentially taking action against your body to burn body fat! This is great, but to do it effectively you need to monitor everything so you can really keep your momentum going. This includes your food and knowing exactly how much of everything you are eating and how your body is responding to it. For example, if you are eating 200g of carbohydrates a day and for the first 3 weeks you lose 1-2 lbs a week, then you plateau you know by reducing your carbohydrates to say 175g a day you should maintain your level of progress. However, if for the first 3 weeks you have been guessing the amounts, you don’t know if some days you have been eating 250g or 170g! Therefore, you will really struggle to continue progressing if you don’t know how many calories you need to reduce your diet by!

In relation to fat loss, by taking in precisely the same amounts of calories from the same macronutrients, your blood sugar levels will be more stabilised! This is such an essential factor when looking to burn body fat. Again, if you are guessing your food amounts, you may be causing unwanted insulin spikes by taking on too many carbohydrates at certain points of the day!

Another key reason why you need to weigh your food is that in regards to protein, you have to have 1.5g of protein per pound of body weight in my opinion! If you are training hard on weights a handful of times a week, your body needs this to recover and grow, even when ‘dieting’! Again, if you guess the amount of protein you are having some days you may only be eating 1g of protein per pound of body weight, therefore your rate of recovery and growth will really suffer!

Finally, I find weighing your food is a very refreshing process and it is great psychologically. Basically, it reassures you that you are leaving nothing to chance when you are dieting. There is nothing worse than training intensely and do all your cardio, yet in the back of your mind you know there are occasions where your calorie intake is a little too high. If you weigh your food, these negative thoughts and doubts instantly vanish!

Those are my reasons for insisting you weigh out your food, every meal, every day, every week. Once you get into the habit it feels great and you feel as though your training has a real purpose and a sense of direction!

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