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As many of you guys know I am using USN CLA Thermo on my 12 transformation, as part of my ‘supplement stack’ to obliterate my fat levels. With so many options on the table, many of you may wonder why I chose this over anything else. So today I wanted to tell you more about the many qualities of USN CLA Thermo and how it could potentially benefit yourself!

Of course the main component of this supplement is CLA, and you could say you can get this from many different companies, which is true. CLA is a fantastic essential fatty acid which is known for its tremendous ability to promote body fat loss. It is able to have this effect by preventing the body from storing fats, and instead utilising them as an energy source. It is also able to slow down the rate at which your calories are assimilated, thus giving the body extra time to make ’good’ use of the calories. As a bi-product this also leads to suppression in cravings as you feel full for longer periods of time, making it absolutely ideal for anybody dieting!

The next few ingredients which you find in USN CLA Thermo are harder to find in any other CLA supplement on the market. This is why I chose this particular CLA product, because of all the other fat burning qualities it contains as well as the CLA itself.

Firstly, USN CLA Thermo has Green tea extract which is a wonderful straight forward fat loss ingredient. Green tea extract is able to promote fat loss by speeding up your metabolism, obviously resulting in extra calories being used throughout the day by your body. Furthermore, Green tea extract has shown itself to aid the oxidisation of body fat, which enables your body to break down stubborn fat tissues more effectively.

Cocoa extract is another great natural ingredient which can be found in USN CLA Thermo. The reason it was picked is mainly down to the fact it is widely known as an excellent suppressant of cravings. As I mentioned before, this is such a useful tool when you are dieting, because if you are anything like me I could eat junk food 24/7!!!! This helps me lose the desire for this kind of food!

Finally, Rhodiola Rosea features in USN CLA Thermo and with very good reason. Body fat can be extremely stubborn to get rid of, and this ingredient helps stimulate the release of fat from tissue deposits. As a result the fat becomes a much easier resistance for your body to overcome and blast away! This ingredient is also associated with increasing your overall mood, which can be helpful when dieting, because some people do get a little ‘grumpy’ when they can’t have their favourite foods!!!!

There you have the outline of USN CLA Thermo and the many benefits it has to offer. Guys I am using it as I right this and love the product, I highly rate it!

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