Top 3 Minced Beef Recipes!

Minced beef is without a doubt my favourite meat! If I had it my way, I would have it with every meal, but unfortunately whoever ‘designed’ beef really didn’t have that in mind! If you were to eat red meat all day, your heart wouldn’t like it very much and your body fat levels would skyrocket! However, every evening meal I will have minced beef, so when that time comes I am sure to make it taste as good as I possibly can! Remember I do have a diet to think about, so I am more limited as to what I can add to make it taste better! Here are my top 3 minced beef dishes!

Before I start guys, one rule I always stick to when cooking minced beef, is to place it into a colinder once it is cooked. All this does is ensure that all of the excess fatty juices are removed, thus limiting the saturated fat content!

Mince beef meat balls!

Meat balls are absolutely mouth watering, but you will find that most of the ones you would buy are way too rich in saturated fat! So I make my own homemade ones, which gives me the opportunity to decrease the saturated fat content whilst adding flavour! To make meat balls a balanced meal this is what I use:

150g of lean minced beef

60g of oats

1 whole egg

4 egg whites

½ diced onion

½ chopped green pepper

2 diced tomatoes

2 teaspoons of mild chilli powder

To prepare you simply add all of the ingredients into one large mixing bowl! Then it is time to get dirty and mix it all up with your hands, making sure that all of the ingredients are thoroughly mixed together! Once this is done, begin to form small meatballs and place them in a baking tray. Make sure you have sprayed the baking tray with 1 cal extra virgin olive oil spray to stop them from sticking though! As you will notice this recipe is for one serving, but there is no harm in multiplying the ingredients by 2, 3 or 4 times and just storing them in the fridge for a couple of days!


Chilli Beef Burgers!

When I diet, I often miss the flavours of everyday foods, and I find that a lot of the meals I am eating become bland! So every once in a while I like to make my minced beef meal in the evening SPICY! Spices are a great guilt free way of enhancing the taste of a dish without adding empty calories! In fact, spices can actually help promote fat loss because some of them are in fact thermogenics! To make a killer chilli beef burger use the following:

250g lean minced beef

1 crushed garlic cloves

½ finely chopped red chilli

½  diced onion

1 whole egg

Add all of these ingredients into a mixing bowl and get mixing with your hands again (remember to wash your hands before you go to the toilet!!!)! Once done, take half of the bowl’s contents and shape it into a burger, then do it with the other! Right there you have two juicy and spicy burgers! The egg will simply help bind the ingredients and it will also add 9g of protein to the mix as well! To serve put each burger in two toasted wholemeal buns and a vegetable stir fry! To make this vegetable stir fry use the following ingredients:

¼ chopped green pepper

¼ chopped red pepper

¼ chopped yellow pepper

Handful of bean sprouts

¼ chopped onion

Chuck all of these into a hot frying pan, but only use 1 cal extra virgin olive oil cooking spray! This way you are not smearing the ingredients in saturated fat! When the vegetables are nicely cooked and moist, put them in the buns along with the chilli burgers and your taste buds will thank you!!! This is a very succulent, moist and nutritious way to get in your beef!


Fajitas are so tasty and one of the best ways to enjoy minced beef, as well as one of the messiest ways!!! However, generally speaking fajitas can be just over the fine line between acceptable and not, in terms of a diet! To ‘play them onside’ make these few tweaks and you can once again enjoy Fajitas whilst dieting!

250g lean minced beef

½ diced onion

½ chopped green pepper

½ chopped red pepper

Prepare this as you usually would when making minced beef to go with fajitas, but pay attention to the next few bits to ensure you are not cheating on your diet when you indulge in fajitas! Instead of the usual sources/side servings like natural Greek yoghurt, guacamole or cheddar cheese, you should use a tablespoon of low fat cottage cheese! This will give a lovely creamy texture and taste to your minced beef without adding too much bad fats! It is also very rich in amino acids which are a great plus!

In regards to your fajitas only ever eat the wholemeal ones you get, made with wholemeal flour! If you have white fajitas that is just as bad as having white bread!

There you have my top 3 minced beef dishes for people looking to satisfy their cravings whilst staying true to their diet! It all depends on what your current diet is and what body type you are, but as a rule these recipes should be just fine for the early stages of your diet!


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  • Sion

    Hey Man for the fajhita meal. I do my own. Blend oats and egg whites then pour onto a small frying pan like a pancake. Keep an eye on it, as you dont want it to go crisp ( similar texture to a pancakae) leave to cool. And there you go!

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