Top 4 Supplements for the Ladies!

With the start of summer upon us, there will be a frantic panic from everybody to get into shape! Ladies, you needn’t worry yourself so much, just follow this 4 Step supplement plan and you will get into the shape of your life!



For all the female readers on FitMag I would strongly recommend CNP Pro-MS as the best female supplement out there today. This product offers a fantastically balanced meal for female athletes with high quality proteins and carbohydrates. More than this, CNP Pro-MS contains an array of natural fat burning ingredients which will help you get that toned figure!  As a result you can enjoy a delicious shake on a hot summer’s day whilst getting into shape!

Reflex L-Carnitine

By now you will know I am a huge fan of Reflex L-Carnitine and with very good reason. This amazing amino acid helps your body utilise body fat, as where it would otherwise be stubborn to shift! Therefore by using Reflex L-Carnitine you get leaner and you get more energetic as well!

Udo’s Choice Oil

Get some of this awesome oil mixed in with your meals and you will be stimulating fat loss whilst simultaneously suppressing your hunger. This is the ultimate blend of high quality EFAs (essential fatty acids) which help the body metabolise fat, via a different pathway to that of L-Carnitine.

Maxitone Sculptress Bars

These great tasting bars are a very convenient meal replacement for a female athlete who is on a diet. This way these health bars ensure you won’t have to miss any meals which is essential when you are looking to get toned!

These are my top 4 supplements for our female readers to use whilst looking to get into great shape for summer! These are all great natural ingredients which promote fat loss, steady blood sugar levels, firm muscle tone and great energy levels. Of course, you need to refer to our diet section to make sure your diet is up to scratch to maximise the effects of these supplements. However, just by having one CNP Pro-MS shake and one Maxitone Sculptress bar a day, you only need to fit in three other solid meals, adding up to 5 in total. Obviously, your diet has to be relevant to your lifestyle, but for average ‘Betty’ in the office, this eating plan with these supplements will be a great way to get into shape! Enjoy!

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