Super Sets are. . . . . . SUPER!!!

There are many training techniques and methods, which you can use to your advantage in order to maximise muscle growth, development and separation. However one of the best and underused methods is ‘super setting’ which can yield some fantastic results. Super sets are very basic and a lot of experienced trainers will be familiar with these, but I see on a daily basis so many people who are not! So I thought its time you learn, because they make you grow! I mean really grow!!!

           ‘Super setting’ simply means to perform two exercises back to back with no rest in between. You can use this training method to hit the same muscle group with two varying exercises which of course can be great, or you can also train two different muscle groups at the same time, completing your workout twice as fast as usual. For instance you could perform bicep curls and then go straight into triceps pushdowns, or if your only training your biceps you could do barbell curls and then do hammer curls straight after. Either way, as you can see this training protocol allows you to get high volume done and it also has loads of other benefits to.

          One of the key benefits to using super sets is that the amount of blood pumped into the muscle cell is significantly increased which in turn leads to greater oxygen supply. As a result your muscular endurance increases. To add to this your nutrient assimilation is increased due to the higher levels of blood in the muscle. Therefore by increasing your pump through using super sets you can be sure that you will make better gains.

          Another great reason to add super sets into your training is that it has that ‘shock’ effect on your muscles. Where you reach failure then you usually have a break, you go straight into another exercise hitting the targeted muscle group from another angle. This causes an instant shock to the muscle fibres and in turn can stimulate additional growth. Furthermore, because of the intensity and amount of repetitions super setting leads to, you are sure to bring in your slow twitch muscle fibres into play, which means that your going to make more lean muscle gains here as well.

          Finally, super sets are an excellent way of achieving great levels of growth with minimal risk to injury. This is because the weights you end up using are going to be less than ones you usually use for normal sets, simply because the on set of lactic acid will prevent you lifting big weight. Therefore you are achieving a maximum contraction, pumping loads of blood into the muscle and of course breaking down the muscle fibres whilst placing minimal amounts of stress on your connective tissues. This is excellent because you do not want a connective tissue injury simply because the healing process is long and hard.

          There you have some key points to get your motivation up and adding supper sets to your training schedule!!!

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