Snack Attack!!! What to eat between meals?

Like so many athletes, I have a huge appetite and sometimes between my 2 and a half to three hour eating intervals, I get hungry! Needless to say I start thinking of my options, ‘’what can I eat which is healthy and clean’’ is something which will keep bouncing around in my head! The truth is, there are not too many good options, but there are some and I wanted to show you them!

In my opinion, eating a balanced meal every 2 and half to three hours enables your glycogen stores to deplete before you reload the muscle with your next meal. Therefore to me common sense says that your snacks should be very low in carbohydrates! With that been said, I would focus on high protein snacks which also contain some healthy fats, which will help suppress my hunger.

The first snack I would advise is a high quality protein bar, and with so many on the market it may be hard for you to choose. From personal experience my choice are PhD Diet Whey bars because they taste so damn good, and they also have fat burning qualities to help aid my fat loss! Taking in a small amount of carbohydrates from a bar is OK; just don’t take in masses a lot of them contain. These kinds of bars are more suited to ‘mini’ meal replacements or off season diets. Not for in between meal snacks

Nuts are another great healthy snack which I feel you can get away with between meals. Almonds are a personal favourite because they are rich in protein, healthy fats and taste great. They are also very quick and easy making them extremely convenient. If you have 50g of chopped almonds the fats should help suppress your appetite.

Those are the two kind of straight forward, obvious snacks I would recommend between meals when dieting. However, if you want to get more creative and make ‘snack attack’ time really fun, here are some other options!

Protein pancakes are great snacks because they are very balanced in nutrition, very quick and easy to make and who doesn’t like pancakes??? The best recipe I have found to make protein pancakes is as follows:

. 1 egg

. 8 egg whites

. 50g oats

. 1 tea spoons of vanilla extract

. 15g raisins

. 15g chopped almonds

Blend this up until it is a fine liquid and then simply cook as you would normally cook pancakes, in a pan only using 1 cal extra virgin olive oil spray! You will get a few pancakes out this mix, and it will certainly fill you up! Be sure to account for the extra carbohydrates, fats and calories if you are dieting to burn body fat!

Finally, another popular home made snack you can make is protein brownies! Chocolate brownies are one of my all time favourite cheat foods, so to find a recipe which enables me to eat them with a clear conscious was a bit of a god send! Try this and see how you like it!


. 2 scoops of chocolate protein powder (low carb)

. 3 tablespoons of low sugar coco powder

. 1 tablespoon of almond/peanut butter

. 1 cup of finely ground oats

. 5 egg whites

. 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

. Handful of hazelnuts

. ½ teaspoon of baking soda

. 4 oz of water

To prepare this you need to get your protein powder, coco powder, hazelnuts, oats and baking soda and mix it all up together! In a separate bowl, blend your egg whites, peanut/almond butter and water together until it creates a fine consistency. All you then have to do is bring the dry and wet ingredients together and mix until they form a nice consistency! Then simply place in a baking tray which you have cover in 1 cal extra virgin olive oil spray and let them bake for 20-25 minutes. This is my favourite set of ingredients for protein brownies, however by playing around with ingredients you may find bits you like to add!

There you have some ideas on how to fill that gap between meals without sacrificing all of your hard work! Whilst these are not necessarily things you should eat daily between meals (bar the PhD Diet Whey bars) these are healthy solutions to a rumbling stomach!

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