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Education is a constant battle; at least it was for me in school as I always had something more interesting to preoccupy my mind with. However, you should concentrate (I sound like my teachers) on this next topic because so many people just don’t get it! ‘’Protein is protein’’, is the common view of a lot of people and it is a wrong view! So promise me from this sentence onwards, your new mindset to protein is that ‘’there are different proteins which are beneficial at different times of the day.’’ Very well said, and now you can learn about a very specific form of protein perfect for a very specific time of the day!

Reflex Micellar Casein is a leading protein product on the market today, and with very good reason. For those of who don’t know, Casein is a VERY slow digesting source of protein making it the perfect choice right before bed. If you were to take on whey protein before bed your muscles would only have a solid supply of amino acids for up to 3 hours. With Casein, studies have shown they will be drip fed vital muscle repairing amino acids for up to 7 hours!!! This means your nitrogen retention will be optimised and you will remain more anabolic for longer! In fact, studies prove that you will inhibit catabolic effects on your hard earned muscle tissue by 35% when using Casein before bed! So by now, you surely understand that Casein is definitely better than Whey before bed, and that you need different proteins depending on what time your watch says! Why Reflex Micellar Casein though?


Reflex are known for their impeccable quality and this particular blend is very clever! Reflex have made up 80% of the overall content from Micellar Casein because of its amazing slow digesting properties. It is able to feed your muscles for up to 7 hours because once ingested it forms a kind of gel in the stomach, which slows the rate of digestion down significantly. However, Reflex have also made the other 20% of the protein content up with Whey protein. Whilst this goes against the tide a little because Whey digests far too quick to use before bed, it does however increase your overall rate of protein synthesis by 68%! That is a huge increase and it will improve your body’s ability to utilise protein massively throughout the night!

For sure there are other Casein products out there; however I know that when I use a Reflex product the quality of the ingredients are guaranteed. I also know that the small quantity of Whey protein in the blend will increase my overall rate of protein assimilation!

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