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There are a million and one different ways to train, in order to stimulate muscle hypertrophy as well as fat loss simultaneously. The trick is to know at what part of your transformation your at, are you building ‘mass’ or looking to get ripped? For me, my training will alter slightly depending on my goals. If packing on large amounts of size is that matters, I will lift heavier with compound movements more of the time, combining it with high rep work to hit my slow twitch muscle fibres. If burning fat is my main priority, as it is right now, I still lift heavy because it burns calories, but I keep the intensity a bit higher with less rest between sets. Today I wanted to talk about ‘push and pull’ training, and why I think it is such an effective workout!

‘Push and Pull’ training basically means to superset chest and back together, which makes for a mammoth workout. Personally, I think it is an extremely effective way of stimulating muscle growth whilst blitzing your fat levels, as you ‘guzzle’ your calories! By working your back and chest via a superset method, you are constantly changing the angle of attack on your body, which is a great way to destroy body fat!

During a ‘Push and Pull’ workout you should certainly keep the weights as heavy as you can, but the simple fact of the matter is if your training properly, you won’t lift quite as heavy as usual on each exercise. Below is sample workout, which gets you through chest and back in time, as well as 100s of calories at the same time!

Widegrip chin ups & widegrip dips X 3 to failure

Flat barbell bench press & bent over barbell rows X 3 for 10-15 to failure

Incline dumbbell press & seated cable rows X 3 for 10-15 to failure

Decline barbell bench press & closegrip pulldowns X 3 for 10-15 to failure

That is a whopping total of 24 working sets in one workout! That’s a lot guys, and this workout isn’t something you would want to do every week, it’s a ‘shock to the system’ kind of workout! As I said before this will cause an immense expenditure of calories, yet it will also hit your fast and slow twitch muscle fibres, maximising your levels of muscle hypertrophy! To clarify, each set is a superset, so you don’t have a break in between each of the ‘coupled’ exercises; you fail on one and go straight into the next. To really push the boundaries here, keep your rest periods between sets around 60-90 seconds!

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