PhD Nutrition Flapjack+ Bar reviewed!

Over the past few weeks we have looked at a few of the nicest protein bars on the market, we have even witnessed myself cook chocolate protein pancakes (who said men cannot cook?), but we haven’t looked at another popular snack, flapjacks! There is nothing quite like sinking your teeth into a chewy, succulent, sweet flapjack bar when you are hungry between meals. However, as you know flapjacks are high in sugar and saturated fat so they are way off the radar. Are they really? Now, thanks to PhD Nutrition you can enjoy a scrumptious flapjack completely guilt free, in fact I would advise you do eat them to enhance your progress! Yes that’s right, I am telling you to eat flapjacks to get into shape! However, these are no ordinary flapjacks, instead they are PhD Nutrition Flapjack +! Learn more about these very tasty healthy snacks and why they are not off limits even when dieting!

The problem with a conventional flapjack is that the oats are absolutely smothered in margarine and fatty oils! However, with PhD Flapjack+ the oats are not at all sabotaged by anything of the sort, instead they are covered in a mouth watering white chocolate flavoured coating. To add to this, the oats are complimented with crunchy freeze dried forest berries, which really add some zest, texture and taste! How can something which tastes so good be healthy?

PhD Nutrition have included an incredible 19g of high quality protein per bar, which is derived from milk protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. As a result you will be able to enjoy a blend of fast and slow digesting proteins, which will help maximise your overall rate of protein assimilation, drip feed your muscles effectively between meals and help stabilise your blood sugar levels to sustain your rate of fat loss!

The carbohydrate content per bar is a healthy 30g which predominately come from the oats in the flapjack+ bar. As you know these are a very high quality, slow release form of carbohydrates which help replenish your muscle glycogen levels whilst avoiding an unwanted insulin spike. As a result these carbohydrates are diet friendly, in fact they will support fat loss because they will help ensure your blood sugar levels don’t fluctuate too much, and they will also help speed your metabolism up!

The saturated content in each bar is under 3g which is nominal, so you shouldn’t have any concerns on that front. In fact, a small amount will actually support your natural testosterone levels!

By now I gather you are sold on the fact the nutritional content is A1 as well as the taste. However, when should you use these bars? Personally, I would keep some in my gym bag, work desk and glove box of my car. These are absolute ideal for ‘stop gaps’ if you are running an hour late here, or an hour late there. Basically, these are a very tasty insurance policy, which ensure that your nutrient intake won’t fall below par because you will always have these if any emergencies do crop up. I would also snack on these between meals anyway if I felt I needed something to boost my energy levels!

To conclude the PhD Nutrition Flapjack+ Bar is an essential tool to your success in my opinion. As I said before, they are a great way to ensure you won’t ever again miss out on meals, even when the unexpected arises.

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