Peak Body Pro-50 Bars - Incredible or not???

As people get busier and busier by the day, from my experience the ‘convenience’ factor carries huge value! What I mean by this is, a product which makes somebody’s life significantly easier will appeal to them. Protein bars certainly do this, and you saw why PhD Diet Whey Bars are so popular from our review, but today I wanted to show you an alternative. Peak Body Pro-50 Bars are absolutely amazing, and they taste pretty damn good too!

You may have had the initiative to guess by the name that each bar contains a staggering 50g of protein, that’s just crazy for a protein bar!!! Peak Body achieve this by using a comprehensive protein blend containing Calcium Caseinate, Hydrolysed Protein and Whey protein concentrate. This concoction of proteins will give an athlete a mix of fast and slow release proteins, making this absolutely ideal for snacks in between meals. This is because it will certainly promote the retention of your nitrogen balance within your body and it will also help stabilise your bloody sugar levels. It goes without saying, this mix of proteins will certainly supply your muscles with amino acids required to promote recovery as well as growth.

In regards to carbohydrates, the Pro-50 bar is relatively low, with only 9.6g per bar. However, 8g of these are sugars which makes it potentially an issue for certain athletes. By no means does this mean you shouldn’t use these bars, because they are great, it just means you should pick when. For instance, this bar could be ideal to have after exercise, in the morning or even mid-morning. I would personally suggest you limit your intake to 1 bar a day though, this way your sugar intake won’t be too high, so it shouldn’t have too much of an impact on your fat levels. Relatively speaking, the carb content is low, when you think Gaspari Myofusion contains 6g of carbs for every 50g of protein!

Obviously, the big question with any protein or health bar is, ‘does it taste good?’ For sure, over the past few years I have eaten many bars like this, and same are truly revolting, to the point where I think ‘why do I bother!?’ However, the good news is that Peak Body Pro-50 bars taste astonishing, and I don’t use that word lightly. They don’t taste good, they taste better than that! These are certainly a great way to add to your overall protein intake whilst quashing your desire for chocolate and sweet foods alike!

Personally I would highly recommend these bars simply because of their convenience factor, their mammoth 50g protein content and their taste! As long as you limit yourself to one bar a day, I don’t think the carbohydrate content will cause you many issues!

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  • Michael ward
    January 5, 2017 Michael ward

    Can't seem to find these bars in stock on any web site including peak body. Does the company still manufacture the pro50 bars or are they now obsolete?

    • Jonnie Steward

      Hi Michael,

      The Peak Body Pro 50 are still being manufactured, however due to the process they use they are hard to get hold of. They only produce a couple of flavours at a time, meaning we may be out of stock for upwards of 6 months. If you need any more clarification you could try contacting Peak Body themselves. Hope this helps.

      Thank You
      Monster Supplements

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