MST MycoGreen Reviewed!

It is always refreshing to learn about a supplement which optimises our rate of recovery and overall health! Today you are going to learn about why Millennium Sport Technologies MycoGreen is such a fantastic product!

People get far too caught up in protein, creatine, nitric oxides and so on to remember about the importance of growth and recovery through optimising your health. If you are not very healthy, and that doesn’t mean being fat, that just means having a poor immune system, you won’t grow very well! Look at it logically, if your body is having to utilise protein to restore damaged cells due to free radicals and toxins, there is less capacity to support growth! So what you need is an all natural product which helps neutralise free radicals like never before. This is where MST MycoGreen comes in!

So how does MycoGreen work?  To begin with let’s have a look at the ingredients. MST MycoGreen is formed from a blend of vegetarian organic greens, organic Myco-Medicinals, glyconutrients, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, pre-biotics and omega 3, 6 and 9!

The first main component of MycoGreen is the antioxidant part, where a whole load of goodness is supplied via the organic greens. What these antioxidants do is help remove the likes of lactic acid and ammonia from the muscle cell. This is very important because these toxic substances are very acidic and can therefore cause the breakdown of the muscle cell membrane. This is not good for an athlete who needs to recover after a gruelling workout. Obviously, you can see straight away why the antioxidants in MycoGreen are so beneficial and effective. Not only will MycoGreen support the recovery of muscles, it will also significantly increase your immune function because your body is able to neutralise the free radicals that much quicker. So not does MycoGreen lead to faster recovery, it also enhances your overall health and well being!

What else does MycoGreen offer? The digestive component of MycoGreen is absolutely fantastic for your overall gains and recovery. If your immune function has been poor, then your rate of digestion may also be suffering! By using pre-biotics and digestive enzymes MST enable you to get a lot more from the nutrients you ingest! Of course, this will lead to faster recovery and enhanced rates of growth!

Finally, MycoGreen does also contain a blend of high quality fats as mentioned earlier. As you know these fats are excellent for promoting fat loss, but they do also have some health benefits as well! The fats in MycoGreen aid the recovery process and they also support the health of your cardiac system!

With so many great benefits to using MyoGreen from Millennium Sport Technologies I think this supplement is a must for any serious athlete! Your overall recovery will improve dramatically as will your overall health making this a 5 star supplement!

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