MMA SuperStar Mike Edwards speaks with Monster Supplements! is honored to have Mike Edwards with us for an exclusive interview! Mike is one of the best pro MMA fighters on the circuit right now and he has so much knowledge and wisdom to offer you guys! Let’s go!

Thank you much for joining us today mate!

No problems at all mate!

What was your background before MMA mate?

Before I got into MMA I played rugby for years from 7 years old, my positions were centre and open side flanker.

How did you get into MMA?
I started working on the door to get money to help me go to college and met a guy that studied traditional jit jitsu. He talked me into going to a class and I ended up going to a couple of classes. There was a guy there fighting in a local MMA event and I ended up having a semi pro fight after 3-4 classes, didn’t know anything at the time and lost on points! LOL!

Awesome! How long have you been a pro for?

I have been a pro now for 5 years.

What is your current record as a pro?

I am currently 10-2 as a pro with a 8 fight win streak.

That’s impressive mate! What are your goals as a fighter?

My goals as a fighter are to be the best mixed martial artist I can be I believe I am a student of the game because when I'm not training I'm studying DVDs in my recovery time, and get to the UFC and become champ of course!

Of course, what else!? What about as an individual?
To retire at 26 and play my Xbox all day ha! To open my own MMA gym which is in the pipeline. I really want to help and train kids with troubles in their lives; that is a big goal and dream of mine.

It’s great to have a top pro want to give so much back! Do you feel MMA is a great sport for youngsters to get into?

Yes! MMA is a great sport for youngsters to get into!


It will give them good discipline and drive! It will also keep them off the streets and getting into trouble because they wouldn’t feel like they need to prove them selves to others!
Great point, I am a huge advocator of training, boxing or MMA as a means to get youngsters doing something more constructive with their time! How does your current training plan look mate?


My training plan is training 6 days a week, mon- sat with Sunday as my rest day! I train 3 times a day which usually consists of 2 BJJ classes, 2 wrestling, 4 GI, 4 kick boxing, 2 MMA sparring sessions and 2 strength and conditioning sessions depending on how close to the fight. Closer to the fight it would be more MMA orientated!

Are you serious? Mate where do you get that energy from? This is why MMA is so popular; it really is the ultimate sport! How do you feel about incorporating bodybuilding to help prepare as a fighter?

Bodybuilding is what it says on the tin; it is its own sport and shouldn't be any where near a fighter’s schedule! The compound lifts are fine bench, deadlifts and squats but in terms of ‘bodybuilding’ it doesn’t work for an MMA fighter!

You heard from a pro MMA fighter guys, train for your own goals! What weight training do you actually use then?

I do heavy bench pressing, deadlifts, squats and Olympic lifts mixed in with kettle bells and plyometrics.

I think we would all love to hear what you eat to fuel this kind of exercise programme?!

My nutrition is clean, I eat low G.I carbohydrates suck as brown pasta, brown basmati rice, meats plenty of green veg, fruits, green tea and Manuka honey in boiled water. I always stay away from processed foods!

Why Manuka honey in boiling water?

I drink Manuka honey with boiled water before I go to bed because it burns fat for up to 4 hours whilst you’re sleeping and it also has amino acids in it to help with recovery! I also use it in my coffee instead of sugar!

How important is nutrition to you?

Nutrition is very important to any athlete; you are what you eat, if you’re going to eat processed foods or chips etc you’re going to feel like crap, eating clean helps with recovery and growth! People need to learn about nutrition and I think the FitMag is a great place for them to learn the principles of nutrition!


It sure is! What about supplements mate?
I use protein with glutamine before and after every work out, amino acids, acai berries, essential fatty acids, creatine, Manuka honey and 5-htp to help promote deep sleep.

Cool, you use quite a few different supplements! How important do you feel they are to any athlete?

I feel it is very important for any athlete to use supplements because it helps with recovery, helps you get stronger and helps to prevent muscle wastage, but good diet is key!

Great advice mate! Thank you so much for joining us Mike and we hope to hear from you again sooner rather than later mate!


It’s a pleasure mate; I am a big fan of MonsterSupplements and the new FitMag!



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