Maximuscle Promax Diet reviewed!

You could say it is ‘diet season’ so people are going to want to find out about the very best ‘diet’ products on the market. Maximuscle have for some time been one of the best supplement brands on the market and they are experts in the field of sports and athletics! Today I wanted to discuss Maximuscle Promax Diet which is one their top sellers. People, who are looking for a protein source with fat burning characteristics, look this way!

By now you will have learnt that protein isn’t only necessary to optimise your muscle recovery and growth, but also to support fat loss! Promax Diet contains a very generous 38g of high quality whey protein per serving, which is an ample amount for the average dieting athlete! The amino acid content will help you remain anabolic whilst your calorie intake is lowered, and the protein will also help stabilise your blood sugar levels, thus stimulating fat loss!

Beyond being a ‘protein’ supplement, Promax Diet contains a vast range of fat burning ingredients making it the ideal tool to get into shape! Caffeine features in Promax Diet and with good reason because as we know it is a great thermogenic! By stimulating your BMR Caffeine can increase your overall calorie expenditure throughout the day, creating a calorie deficit! Caffeine is also a great energiser as it is able to prolong your ATP levels, which is so important when you are potentially low on energy as you diet!

CLA is another first class ingredient which Maximuscle have added to Promax Diet. CLA is one of the best essential fatty acids (EFAs) for fat loss. In short, CLA is able to prolong the rate at which calories are absorbed which gives the body longer to utilise calories, instead of converting them into body fat! CLA also helps with the process of fat metabolisation which is great as this can lead to a further reduction in body fat!

Finally we have Green Tea extract which is also another very effective thermogenic ingredient. However, more than just a thermogenic, Green Tea extract can also stimulate the oxidisation of body fat. It is also known to act as a glucose regulator, which means following a meal it slows down the rate at which your blood sugar levels rise. As a result you won’t experience large surges of insulin which is unwanted, when trying to burn body fat!

There you have the key points of one of the very best diet supplements on the market today, Maximuscle Promax Diet! From personal experience I would recommend the chocolate flavour, but then I would because I am a ‘chocoholic’ when I am allowed to be that is!!!

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