Maximuscle Cyclone - the 'ULTIMATE' supplement?

Maximuscle are perhaps the most iconic brand in the ‘health and fitness’ industry, with PhD right on their tail! In my opinion, Maximuscle have created a fantastic image for the industry with a ‘clean cut’ approach to nutrition and supplementation, with their supplements appealing to a vast sporting audience. There is good reason for this because they have shown over and over again the ability of their supplements, and now you can learn how they are so effective. Today I wanted to evaluate Maximuscle Cyclone, maybe their most popular supplement!

So what exactly is Maximuscle Cyclone? In short, it is an ‘all in one’ supplement, which is known to really stimulate growth in strength, power and size! In fact, back in 2007 this very product won MonsterSupplements ‘all in one’ power product of the year. This particular supplement is very popular among the rugby community because it has every component they need to support their goals.

The protein content of Cyclone is 30g per serving, which is very respectable and what I would describe as the ‘middle of the road’ amount for the average athlete. Personally, I don’t think you would want any less than that. You will be glad to know the protein used is of the highest quality, with the Maximuscle Proprietary Blend consisting of Whey Protein Isolate, Hydrolysates and Whey peptides. This means that the rate of digestion from this protein will be rapid, making it a perfect start to your day, as well as the perfect recovery drink after exercise!

Another key part to Maximuscle Cyclone is its Creatine content. Each serving delivers over 5g of Creatine Monohydrate, which in my opinion is probably the highest quality form of Creatine. This is because the particles are relatively small, meaning that it is that much easier for the body to digest and utilise! Creatine is notoriously difficult for the body to actually use, and a lot of the time it is actually converted into Creatinine, a useless waste-product! The high quality Creatine monohydrate used in Cyclone will increase the rate of ATP resynthesis within you, which will improve your anaerobic endurance, recovery levels as well as strength and power.

Cyclone also contains Glutamine, which is a fantastic amino acid for promoting recovery as well enhanced energy levels. Glutamine is known to increase your protein synthesis levels, which should equate to a faster recovery time! It is known as the ‘foundation’ recovery supplement in the industry, and this is a very important component of Cyclone!

As you learn more about supplements, you will notice more and more of the ‘smaller’ ingredients which make the biggest differences. HMB is known for its ability to prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue as well as promote the recovery of muscle tissue, right after intense exercise. This ingredient really caps of Cyclone nicely because you have all of the recovery pathways covered, which is important for any ‘all in one’ supplement!

Maximuscle have also incorporated an excellent mineral matrix within Cyclone which contains the likes of Potassium Bi-carbonate, Sodium Bi-carbonate and Chromium picolinate. These minerals are fantastic for supporting and maximising the rate of absorption of Creatine! As I mentioned before, the biggest challenge with Creatine is getting it into the muscle cell. In fact, this brings me on nicely to the final point.

Per serving, Maximuscle Cyclone contains 21g of carbohydrates, mainly in the form of Dextrose. What this does is stimulate an ‘Insulin Spike’ which is required in order to maximise the uptake of Creatine and shuttle it into the muscle cell. Maximuscle have also very cleverly used the first ever Bi-carbonate Alkaline blend to help prevent the breakdown of Creatine and Glutamine in the harsh acidic environment of the stomach. It is of utmost importance to get these supplements past the stomach if you want to get any benefit from them, it isn’t a case of just ‘taking them!’

Maximuscle Cyclone is a great overall product and I certainly can see why it is so popular with many sportsmen and women across the UK right now! It really does offer the ‘total package’ for the all round athlete. If I was after a product to give me a boost in growth, strength, recovery and energy, I would strongly consider this along with PhD Synergy-Iso7!

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