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Alpha GPC is something which athletes are becoming more and more interested in as the effects of it are better known. This supplement is a great way of accelerating your progress dramatically, through several different pathways. Outlined below are the benefits of Alpha GPC!

Alpha GPC is in fact a natural occurring Phospholipid Precursor and is also a metabolite which in fact derives from Soya Lecithin. Alpha GPC has been used for a number of medical reasons, however your about to learn why it is so good for stimulating muscle recovery, muscle growth, strength and fat loss!!!

The key interest in Alpha GPC for any athlete is its ability to stimulate the secretion of Growth Hormone. Now you know this, you must understand what additional Human Growth Hormone means to you.

Well, the benefits are nearly endless as Growth Hormone is a very effective substance. To begin with, Growth Hormone is able to alter the way your body metabolises fat. In short, it makes your body utilise body fat as well as dietary fats as a key energy source, opposed to carbohydrates. The obvious advantage here is that your conditioning will improve, as your body will be scoffing at your fat.

Growth Hormone is able to promote lean muscle gains as well as enhance your strength. This is because it is the second most anabolic hormone in the body. Enhanced recovery is also another effect of Growth Hormone, as it can drastically improve the health and recovery rates of connective tissue. Obviously then, Alpha GPC is very beneficial because it increases Growth Hormone output.

Another great effect of using Alpha GPC is the fact it can improve your mental focus and mental co-ordination as it improves your neural transmission. As a result you will find you will train much more intensely and you will also be able to sleep better. This will then lead to significant gains in growth, recovery, strength gains and even fat loss. Remember, when you are sleeping you are growing!

Finally, Alpha GPC is known to enhance your energy levels simply due to the fact that it stimulates your Cholinergic Transmission. This then will help you with muscle mass gains and particularly strength levels because you can train that little bit harder!

As you can see, using an Alpha GPC supplement is very beneficial and something you need to add to your supplementation plan. Depending on your criteria, there are several great Alpha GPC supplements available on MonsterSupplements.com!

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