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One of the best parts of my job is helping people, especially women, discover how phenomenal you can feel when you move your body, exercise and train well.  It sounds like a cliché and a corny tag line for an advert promoting some new diet craze but it's true.  Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the BodyPower expo at the NEC in Birmingham, with Team MonsterSupplements.  Under one roof you have the elite athletes, pro bodybuilders, gymnasts, trainers, competitors, new exciting equipment and training ideas.  But what stands out the most is how everybody supports and helps each other.  The attitude and the desire to inspire another person to feel the way they do when they train.  And it's addictive!!! Something in life that's addictive and good for you....? Yes please!  We look at each other in awe and admiration, not jealousy, full well knowing the discipline and effort gone into achieving their physique of training for their event.

I had the greatest time chatting to women about training; a girl asked me 'what do I have to do to look like you? Not eat for a month and do lots of crunches?!' Absolutely not! Find something you love doing, with some guidance and willingness to learn to challenge yourself and be prepared to work for it.  If it means something to'll do it. The fitness lifestyle is so rewarding, why not change your bad habits, implement some new, effective, fun ones and be in shape all year?  No panic crash diet for the beach or the Christmas party, maybe a bit of refining if you fancy it, but you're looking great and confident all year.

So what do I do? I weight train, full stop.  Sure I like to run, cycle, I'm a class instructor so I get my buzz kicking butt in Body Combat, but what shapes me? Weight training! At 5'3" I can bench, squat and deadlift more than most of my male clients. Do I look like my male clients?  Hell no. I won a bikini and fitness model title lifting weights.  I feel strong, empowered, and confident, I have shape and I love it. I love good food.  However, this doesn't mean I can never have a slice of cheesecake again, but it becomes a great treat when I do and doesn't affect my body negatively, if anything positively! I feel its Good for the soul!  Other times I love the fact I can choose great food that energises me and helps me look good!

Ladies.....if you are going round and round never feeling satisfied with your body or your training.....change it.  Don't know how? Ask me and learn from FitMag!!! It's a sign of madness when you keep repeating the same actions and expecting different results.

One thing stood out to me is that most people believe they can't.  And why not?  Why can others achieve and some not? It comes down to support. The fitness community is amazing. I can guarantee if you want to break the vicious circle and improve your life beyond your dreams, then the FitMag is a great place to start. Then look to get your family and friends involved and it can happen for you.

It has to start with you. Only you can change you and once you make your decision to live a fitter life, you won't look back.

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