Keeping a Balanced Physique!

Maintaining a totally balanced physique is what every bodybuilder aspires to unless your name is a certain Mr. Valentino, in which case you just want biceps! However, achieving balance and great symmetry is somewhat more difficult than expected. Here you can learn a bit on how to improve your balance with some simple approaches which will also help you retain your symmetry.

One of the biggest mistakes made by bodybuilders is that they train their strongest body parts until the death, yet putting far less effort into their weaker areas. This is probably due to the fact that they love the look of their stronger body parts pumped up in the gym’s mirrors, they can lift more weight therefore its more impressive and maybe also because they have lost motivation to train their weaker parts! However, avoiding the problem and burying your head in the sand will simply have a snowball effect and cause more damage than good. Therefore the first lesson in achieving a balanced physique is to focus on your weak body parts, put them at the forefront of your mind and training split and make it your business to ensure they get an absolute blitzing week in week out. It doesn’t matter if you miss the odd workout on your strong body parts, but you must always take your weaker body parts to the death. This will for one motivate you again, spur growth in the area and improve your overall balance and symmetry.

Next, you have to be consistent with your diet and sleeping patterns. It is no good eating well some of the time, then on the days where you train your weaker body parts you let your diet lapse. Lacking on the nutrition front is a sure fire way to inhibit gains in these areas.

Finally, if you feel a body part isn’t growing as well as you would like it to, force it! What this means is to use training techniques such as negatives and low volume where your muscles are overloaded with more weight than they have ever had before. This will spark a reaction known as muscular hypertrophy which is the body’s way of dealing with the added stress, which in turn leads to muscle growth. However for this to work you must have your head on and really attack the sets, and be willing to really push your body to the limits and beyond the realms of pain! On the flip side, go for very high repetitions, do drop sets and supersets! Shocking a weak body part is the key to stimulating growth!

At the end of the day nearly every bodybuilder has their strong and weak body parts, this is down to genetics generally. However, it is the top bodybuilders who attack their weak areas with more aggression and intensity which allows them to improve their overall balance. Take a leaf out of their book! In some instances top bodybuilders have been known to stop training their strong body parts for as long as 6 months, just ‘tickling’ them every so often just to keep them stimulated. Admittedly these guys do have ‘god given’ genetics and I would never advise this, but the point is to maintain balance you need to hit the weak areas.

It isn’t just for aesthetics that you should keep a balanced physique. It is to ensure you remain healthy in the long run as well. For example, if you have a very strong developed chest, but your back is under developed and weak you will have rounded shoulders. This will undoubtedly place stress on your back and potentially antagonise future injuries in your back area! Therefore by keeping each muscle group balanced and in proportion to one another, you are really benefiting your long term health and well being as well!

This article isn’t talking about ‘symmetry’ and ‘balance’ in the same sense a bodybuilding judge would, but in general terms. If you train to enhance the image of your physique, surely you want to make sure you look well balanced and have nice lines! By following the tips here you can ensure this is the case!

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