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Yes there is a revolution, haven’t you heard? More and more women are becoming wise to the fact that following healthy diets and training programmes work! Read on and discover what it is all about!

Ladies, one of my biggest ambitions to achieve in the health and fitness industry is to change how A LOT of females eat and train! Through no fault of their own, a lot of women follow crash diets which you get from fashion magazines; because you are spun a story that model ‘XYZ’ eats this diet. However, the catch is you just need to eat our ‘special’ this or ‘special’ that. Fortunately, FitMag has the privilege of having the likes of Sian Toal, Maija Kivela and Sophie Bell who are all very experienced female athletes. They all carry very slim aesthetic figures and they all eat healthy balanced diets! This article basically aims to explain to you why you should trust in good nutrition and training, and leave the advice of these glossy magazines behind!

The first common trick you come across in the fashion world when they hand out nutrition advise is to eat a certain ‘branded food’ X amount of times a day, and they also give a diet to go along with it. The thing is, the bulk of the diet is based on the product been sold, and the rest of the diet is minimal in calorie content. Therefore of course you are going to drop a huge amount of weight; it stands to reason if you drop your calories significantly you will. However, my question is ‘what weight are you losing?’ If you are dropping weight by the half dozen, the chances are not much of it is body fat at all! By eating very few calories, your body will resort to eating muscle tissue as an energy source, which will lead to significant losses of weight on the scales. However, to look really toned and firm, you want to maintain your nice muscle tone and lower your body fat levels! That is why you need to follow the nutrition advice on FitMag given by our team of girls! This means eating good quality proteins, carbohydrates AND fats which ALL promote FAT LOSS! Read our interview with the lovely Eleni Plakitsi and she will say exactly the same thing, surely you would love a body like that?

Your health should be your number 1 priority, bar none! Following unfounded crash diets isn’t health because you starve your body of a lot of the essential nutrients it requires as well the antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. By following nutrition advice for ladies on FitMag you can learn to be healthy AND get into the best shape of your life at the same time! You can look forward to nutritious meals which are tasty and packed with flavour!

The majority of the exercise plans promoted in a lot of fashion magazines revolve around mountains of high impact cardio. Cardio is great for your aerobic fitness, your endurance levels, energy levels and your general cardiac health. However, in relation to getting a toned and firm body, it isn’t so effective. For instance, jogging doesn’t enable the body to utilise body fat as an energy source, efficiently. Power walking does! However, more than this resistance training is the ultimate fat burning workout. Using weights will really cause your body to use calories and it will also give you a lovely toned figure! Don’t concern yourself with getting ‘too bulky’ because women just don’t have the hormone capabilities of a man to add a lot of muscle size. Do the girls on FitMag look too big to you? Didn’t think so!

Ok so that is my rant over for now! Basically girls, I wanted to show you that the most effective and most healthy way to get into shape is to follow a balanced clean diet, opposed to a crash diet. You should also certainly get some resistance training in your workout regime; it will pay dividends along with plenty of power walking! Let the movement begin!

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