Is the gym boring?

Personally, come 4 o’clock I am absolutely bouncing around the place, waiting to get into the gym. This tells me I genuinely love to train, I love the atmosphere of the gym and I love the results! Enjoyment is so important in every aspect of your life, and your training and physical goals should be no different. There is a difference between ‘sacrificing’ junk food to get your goals, and purely hating what you are doing. If you find that training is boring, non-productive and you are losing motivation by the second, this may be right up your street.

                Don’t get me wrong, I cannot bear the burn which trails from the arch of my foot right to the depth of my quads, when I am trying to get rep number 30 on the leg press! I can’t see how anybody would ‘enjoy’ that pain at that very moment, however, I enjoy been in the gym during these sessions and the sense of fulfilment I get from them! Here are some tips for those of you who don’t get that same kind of feeling!

                Make sure your training is focussed towards your goals. Possibly the one thing which keeps me motivated through the burning pain, is the fact that I know it is part of the process and part of my journey, to my final destination. On this 12 week transformation, my destination is to stand in front of the camera looking ripped, what’s your destination? If you don’t know, I would suggest that could be why you may feel bored when training!

                Every week you do the same workout, and now you just go into the gym on ‘auto-pilot.’ For me, every workout changes slightly, I am forever learning about new movements, new training systems and ways to keep my training fun. There is nothing better than seeing an idol train on video, and then see if you can train like that in the gym. I would get bored out of my brains if I did the same workout, week in week out! Mix it up; keep the training fun, functional and different!

                The seed of boredom can blossom into a horrible monster due to a lack of results in the gym. Although I constantly bang on about eating the right foods and taking the correct supplements, I feel it is so important, I will say it again! Eating poor choices of food will stop any progress, unless you have ‘god given’ genetics, which most people don’t. As a result you question the point of actually training at all. You lose intensity in the gym, then your momentum goes and before you know it, you have plenty of ‘excuses’ not to train. If this sounds like you, ‘wake up and smell the coffee!!!’ get your diet fixed once and for all and get yourself some decent supplements! Don’t always skimp on supplements and go for inferior brands, this will only lead to a lack of progress, making them a complete waste of money.

                These are some of the main causes of boredom in gym goers, from my personal experiences dealing with people. The gym is simply a tool to help you realise a specific set of goals, if those goals aren’t in place, you will get bored. The gym is also a tool, but its not the complete set, nutrition and supplementation are the other key tools and if you are not using them, I would guess that’s why you find the gym a boring proposition right now!

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