How to build strong Traps!

Your trapezius muscles can look fantastic when they have reached a certain level of development. The diamond shape muscles run from the bottom of your skull as far down as your rhomboids. Discover the best ways to stimulate growth in this area and why it is so important to do so.

Unfortunately, they are positioned where they can fall between two training sessions and end up being a deprived muscle group. This of course is referring to back and shoulder training sessions. Many think as they do play a part in things like deadlifts and pulldowns that they do not need to isolate their traps. This is the same case when it comes to shoulder pressing or upright rows. Yes, all of these movements do indeed hit the trapezius muscle but they do not necessarily take it beyond failure where it can grow like the rest of your muscle groups. This is then the classic scenario of ‘when do I train traps?’ The answer is, it really doesn’t matter whether you isolate traps in your back workouts or your shoulder workouts. The only thing which does matter is that you do it.

There are some very good reasons for this rant. Aesthetically nice big and thick traps can really set you apart from anyone else. They are one of the tell tale signs of somebody who trains in the gym a lot! How many people do you know you have really well developed traps?

However, from a practical point of view hitting your traps on they’re own is absolutely essential. They make up nearly one third of your back, yes one third!!! Therefore you can now see by having weak traps the rest of your back will suffer, not to mention your shoulders. Weak traps can lead to rounded shoulders which is a very ugly look. Traps which are lacking can cause back problems, especially if your chest is strong due to an imbalance between front and back. This can affect your spine and cause sever back pain in the long run. Above all else, in the gym big strong traps allow you to lift a lot more during your back and shoulder sessions in particular. Overall, ensuring your traps are developed will enhance your strength, look as well as your health.

So how do you do this? The most simple and effective way of adding mass and strength to your traps is to simply shrug, shrug and shrug some more. There are of course different variations of the shrug which will allow you to hit the different areas. Normal barbell shrugs are a great mass builder and will predominately hit the top of the traps. To hit the middle and lower parts running down your back use a barbell to do shrugs behind the back. Look to do around 8 sets, with reps going from 8-15 a set. Be sure to absolute hammer home every rep, keeping your elbows straight in order to get some nice deep repetitions. It is key to squeeze at the top of each repetition in order to really achieve a maximal contraction!

There you have brief description of why traps are so important and how to add mass to them very easily. Nice powerful looking traps really do help polish off that ‘beach body’ look! Go and shrug!

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