'How' Do Supplements Work?

OK, so you understand supplements have the ability to make a real difference. You acknowledge that all the top athletes of the world, whether they are footballers, MMA fights or bodybuilders use them. However, HOW can they make a real difference for you? This is a very common question which many people wonder, as they decide on which supplements to pick from Monstersupplements.com! Here I am going to explain exactly how the most popular supplements actually help you!

Protein powders are the best selling products on the market, period! Of course you hear that they ‘help recover and build muscle’ but how? To keep it plain, we as athletes require X amount of protein per day, normally about 1.5g per pound of body weight. To achieve this number, we need protein powder otherwise it would be a very difficult task to eat all this protein from solid food. There is the first ‘how’ because it simply gets us to that figure! More than this, whey isolate protein stimulates our rate of protein assimilation which means it improves our body’s ability to absorb MORE of the protein we eat. As a natural athlete we assimilate approximately, 30% of the protein we eat, whey protein isolate helps us increase this figure! Slow digesting protein like Casein doesn’t stimulate our protein synthesis levels so much, but it does help us MAINTAIN a higher level of synthesis which has been achieved by using whey protein isolate. Now you can understand a bit better ‘how’ slow and fast digesting proteins actually help you!

Creatine is another favourite supplement among athletes from all different backgrounds. Again, you are told it helps to ‘increase your strength and endurance’ but how? Creatine helps enhance your ATP production, which is essentially the chemical used during anaerobic exercise. By doing this you are increasing your capacity to train for short bursts of time, such as weight training in particular. Therefore this leads to more reps, as it takes a little longer for your ATP stores to become depleted! That is ‘how’ in very brief terms Creatine makes you stronger for longer! Very simple yet very effective indeed!

Nitric oxide supplements have become so popular lately because of the huge ‘muscle pump’ they are able to give you! Having muscles which look fit to explode looks cool, but ‘how’ is this beneficial? Most pre-workout formulas contain an amino acid called arginine or a variation of it, which acts as a vasodilator. As your blood vessels vasodilate the amount of blood able to be forced into the muscle cell is increased, which is how you get a pump. ‘How’ this is good for your progress is because there are immediately more nutrients available in the muscle cell ready to start repairing the damaged muscle fibres. More than this, your intensity will increase because there are higher levels of oxygenated blood cells in the muscle cell!

To really appreciate the power of any concept in life you need to understand the ‘how’ part in my opinion. Just a very basic understanding gives you a foundation to really take on board what a specific supplement can do for you and why it does it. I hope this has helped you understand ‘how’ these supplements do get you results.

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