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HMB is a relatively new and exciting product which can benefit you in more ways than one. Often each supplement does their ‘little bit’ but it appears that HMB is happy to do more than one supplements job! Here you can learn a little more about HMB and why it could potentially benefit yourself!

HMB is short for beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate which is in fact a metabolite of the essential amino acid, Leucine. This is a very effective product which promotes significant gains in lean muscle mass, fat loss, strength, endurance and recovery.

In regards to muscle gains HMB is able to support this process as it enhances the assimilation of nutrients. As a result your body is able to make much better use of the protein you have ingested. To add to this HMB powder is able to increase the rate of muscular synthesis which further increases your muscle mass gains. HMB is also an excellent supplement to use in order to prevent muscular atrophy, which in short means it has anti-catabolic effects on your body. This is why HMB is also very good at supporting your recovery rate after workouts.

As mentioned earlier, HMB has been shown time and time again through research to significantly aid fat loss which again is a great effect. This is because HMB is able to allow your body to metabolize fat for efficiently. Obviously, the more efficiently your body uses fats, the less fats are stored! Simples!

Research has also shown that HMB is able to increase your strength to such an extent that this alone packs lots of additional muscle onto your frame. Furthermore, added strength is also great as it can raise your natural testosterone levels as well as your Human Growth Hormone levels.

As you can see, HMB is a very attractive supplement which can lead to many significant gains. HMB is particularly useful when you’re on a diet to get lean. This is because before you do your cardio in the morning taking HMB will prevent catabolism without having to ingest any food. More than this, HMB can prevent catabolism around the clock as well as support muscle growth by increasing muscular synthesis as well as your strength levels.

There you have the key benefits to using HMB and a brief outline of what this incredible supplement can do for you. HMB is always beneficial whatever your goal, but it is particularly necessary if you are dieting. Therefore it is strongly advised that you try HMB!

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