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Weight training is an unbelievably fun, exhausting, time consuming and healthy journey for most. However some do sacrifice the latter for better gains, to get stronger, bigger, leaner and so and so fourth. However there is absolutely no need to do this, you can make incredible gains and achieve extremely satisfying results without putting your health at great risk. Today, as if you already didn’t know, I wanted to outline the importance of prioritising your health first and how to avoid common pitfalls!

To begin with in the rush to get shredded for the summer people will dehydrate themselves as they believe water retention is the main issue standing between them and a jaw dropping beach body. Well this is nonsense, and it is also dangerous. The problem is when you eat all of this protein, carbohydrates and fats as well as supplements your body requires lots of water to digest it, transport the nutrients and flush it out to prevent issues such as kidney stones. Water retention will be absolutely minimal if your diet is spot on. Water keeps you healthy, energized and it also helps limit water retention by flushing out Sodium from under your skin. So absolutely do not starve yourself of water!

Supplement use is rife in gyms across the world, and so it should be because they are essential. However, abusing supplements like Creatine and nitric oxide for instance can cause health problems. Supplements come with a dosage guideline for a reason, and if you take no notice and over dose you will be placing your kidneys, liver and potentially your cardiac system under unnecessary stress! Not only is this unhealthy, it will also be counter productive because your body will react to this. As a result your efficiency to recover and grow is compromised!

More advanced supplements such as pro-hormones are readily available for athletes today to use. Whilst these can serve a perfectly functional use and really stimulate growth, you must understand the strength of these compounds! Pro-hormones are steroidal, therefore the methylated variety are very hepatoxic (harsh on your liver) whilst non-methylated ones can be harsh on your blood pressure. Of course, people use them with no health issues, but those are the people who put their health first. Absolutely do not take more than the recommended dosages because you WILL probably pay the price! Also be sure to drink plenty of water and take a liver support supplement such as Anabolic Designs LiverMilk!

There are some of the common issues which we face today, where people are seemingly willing to risk their well being to make better gains. The problem is they are not making better gains, yet they are potentially harming themselves. Don’t do it and follow the advice of experts who know how it works! By staying healthy you are on the path to physical progress!

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