H.I.I.T your body fat for 6!

One of the most popular and forever growing trends when it comes to cardio training is HIIT! HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and is an excellent way to get more out of your cardio training. This article aims to show you exactly how HIIT can be used to shed body fat whilst sustain your muscle mass to achieve a shredded look. Read on and discover the benefits of HIIT training.

High intensity interval training focuses on taking the body from low, to moderate to high intensity thresholds and then back down and on again. Basically it utilizes the effects of constant change during exercise which in turn helps burn more body fat as well as enhancing your overall condition.

So what proof and science is behind HIIT? Well in fact there is plenty of evidence out there to suggest that HIIT promotes 9 times as much fat loss than conventional cardiovascular exercise when it comes to burning body fat. This is because HIIT prevents the body from going in to what is called a ‘steady state’ which it does during regular moderate intensity cardio. When it does this it is able to try and conserve as much energy as possible and in turn you burn less body fat. Due to the fact that HIIT constantly changes the threshold you’re working in from your ATP system, to your Lactic Acid system to your Aerobic system your body simply cannot do this and in turn you’re able to burn masses of calories.

HIIT is of great benefit to anybody who wants to shed body fat to get peeled for the beach, prevent fat gain whilst their bulking or improve their aerobic and anaerobic endurance. As a result a bodybuilder would be able to lift a heavier weight for longer simply because the onset of muscle fatigue is prolonged.

Studies have show when using HIIT to burn body fat, it is wise to lower your carbs and instead obtain most of your calories from fats! This is because studies have shown that when you ingest 40% worth of your calories from fats and just 20% from carbohydrates and perform HIIT, your body gets up to 70% of its energy from fats and as a result much more fat is shed. It is also worth taking note that with such a diet combined with this style of training the oxidisation of fat is greatly increased during exercise which again results in additional body fat loss especially when using HIIT. However I would still suggest using a more balanced diet even if you are using HIIT, because I think it will enable you to maintain more of your muscle mass!

There are the key points of HIIT and how it can work for you. From personal experience I have found that it is great for people participating in sports as well as weight lifting because it keeps your aerobic capacity up! I also think it is a great workout to do maybe once a week to shock your body and to also keep your cardiac system healthy!

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