Go On, Treat Yourself!

Human nature dictates that we all love to be rewarded for our hard work. This can be through means of monitory payments, gifts or just gaining some acknowledgement from people you want to be proud of you. On FitMag you can be sure you will be acknowledged for your hard work and we will support all the way to your end goal! This is the beauty of the fitness industry; we are one big family who offer encouragement to one another, which helps with morale! However, sometimes it is nice to treat yourself!

                The point of this article is to tell you treating yourself ONCE you have achieved your goal, whether it takes 12 weeks or 12 months is very empowering. The mind works on a work to reward basis, meaning that you always subconsciously ask what you will get out of some form of work or hardship. If you like the ‘reward’ bit your motivation remains intact and when you get the ‘reward’ it reinforces desire to work hard!

                With that been said, what is it that you really fancy treating yourself to? Is it a shopping trip for a weekend in London, staying in a nice hotel? Heading towards the sun on a beach in Europe? Or perhaps it is just to get yourself some new clothes, which are smaller, after you have lost your weight! Either way, whatever it is you want to treat yourself to, you should set yourself a target and IF you hit your goal then reward yourself! Maybe it will involve some financial planning as well, but the great thing is that by following this lifestyle you are also learning how to discipline yourself and plan for your future in other aspects of your life!

                Personally, there are some clothes and I watch I want to treat myself to, once I hit my end goal on this 12 week transformation. I will also be going away for a short break with my partner, to see some family and really spend some quality time with them. This motivates me because I love to be around my loved ones, and the thought of been there and been shredded motivates me even more!!! The point is, this is a genuine goal I feel very attached to, and by finding that same goal for yourself you will find you are able to embrace the challenge that much easier! 12 weeks of strict dieting isn’t easy, it’s very difficult. However, the reward of success far outweighs the negatives in my mind and it should also in yours as well!

                This is also a fantastic way to make this a true lifestyle change opposed to a once off 12 week diet! By constantly setting yourself goals and offering yourself small but significant rewards, you will soon love the new lifestyle you are living. You will feel healthy, mentally strong, and powerful and this will certainly lead to other parts of your life improving as well!

                What’s your ideal treat? Find it, write it down and ONCE you hit that goal of yours reward yourself. This is such an empowering process and one which will pay dividends in the long run for you!

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