Getting into Shape at 40!

They say life begins for many at 40, but one thing for sure is that after you reach this part of your life losing body fat and keeping shape becomes far more of a task to say the very least. This is simply because for the average 40 year old male or female your body has gone through changes, where it just isn’t able to make the use of calories like it was able to 15 years ago. With this being said, you will be able to pick up a handful of top pointers to help you regain that youthful physique which you may have thought was now beyond your capabilities.

The first issue when you age is your metabolism, because naturally it begins to slow down in your early twenties and in thereafter it continues to slow down. This is then your first port of call as an over 40 if you’re going to burn off that body fat. With that being said, your nutritional plan must consist of at least 5 small balanced meals, containing protein, low G.I carbohydrates and a small amount of quality fats such as fish oils. This eating regime will instantly boost your metabolism and keep it ticking over throughout the day. As you progress you can cut back on the low G.I carbohydrates in your meals later in the day. In regards to your protein sources, if you have had issues with cholesterol I would advise keeping your intake of red meat to just twice a week!

Like anybody else looking to shed body fat you must do aerobic workouts regularly. To begin with, look at doing aerobic exercise 5 times a week, in the morning before breakfast. What this does is give your metabolism a much needed elevation leading to more calories burned in the day. Power walking, slow cycling or a stepper machine are always good options to target your body fat!

Finally, resistance training is of utmost importance to any individual who desires to lose body fat. The common misconception with resistance training is that you will look too heavily built. This is certainly not the case, ask any bodybuilder and they will tell you they wish it was as easy as this. Resistance training is crucial for promoting fat loss simply because it is calorie intensive, meaning that it causes a huge expenditure in calories. This is particularly the case with compound movements, such as leg pressing, squatting and deadlifting. You do not need to lift heavy weights at all, just enough to tax your muscles after around 15 repetitions will do the trick, 3 times a week for approximately 30-40 minutes.

Finally, as a male in your 40s your natural testosterone count will be heavily suppressed, as this is simply a natural occurrence. Therefore, you should use natural stimulating products with the likes of Horny Goat Weed in which in turn will lead to higher natural testosterone levels. This will then lead to better energy levels and of course help you burn more body fat. Aching joints and muscles should also become less of a problem, as it is low testosterone levels which ultimately decrease your ability to recover quickly!

There are some top tips for anyone over 40 looking to shed those few stubborn pounds from around your waistline and achieve a youthful physique once again!

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